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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    Check to see what happened in 1998.
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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    And back in the day (don't say that) QS and Pennzoil were made by the same company. Well, they still are made by the same company but since about 02 it's been Shell.
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    NOT MINE 1972 Dodge Monaco Sedan - C$2,600 - Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada

    I guess the bungee cord is what makes it rare.
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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    Ya weren't exposed to many Wingers, were ya? And in 75 the Wing was only .2 second behind the Z1. I ran the crap out of my 75. When I sold it the thing had about 55k on it. Couldn't get carb parts for em back then. And now 10-30 is crap. As to the QS recall it wasn't due to the grade of the oil...
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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    And I can show ya thousands upon thousands of "Jap bikes" (don't get me started on all those Japanese and other foreign parts on Hardleys) that ran perfectly on the 10-40 required. My point is, when someone makes an outrageous, unfounded claim that 10-40 oil is crap and doesn't work, there is...
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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    Then it was crap for decades and never did what it was supposed to do. It just didnt work. It was so crappy engineers for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and others required it. And they had wet clutches, shared transmissions and turned 10k rpm.
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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    10-40 is crap? Please explain.
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    Meat Load Dead at 74

    Meat Loaf was not a band. That was his legal name. Like Alice Cooper.
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    NOT MINE 1971 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe 4dr Hardtop - $3,000 - San Leandro, California

    F/R seats don't match. Hmm...wonder what it looks like in the engine room? Nice car.
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    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury V10 Swap Build Thread

    IIRC 92 may have been the last year for a cable driven speedy meter. I need a new meter for my 92 Dakota and I was at the Pick n Pull a couple weeks ago and looked at a 94 and the meter was electronic.
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    Rural Skeletons of Trucks/Tractors

    Those aren't in much worse shape than the mid 60s D 600s we had when I started at MODoT in the early 70s!
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    New Tire Advice

    The real problem with Coopers is they are made by Goodyear.
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    I'm transitioning out of the Military

    Fratzog, which steel company were you a recruiter for?
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    I'm transitioning out of the Military

    There is also this to think about....there is no guarantee you will be able to stay the 20 years. It depends on what you do and what they need. My son was about to re-up at 15 years and was notified he made Chief....and the massive troop reduction hit. They had an abundance of avionics techs and...
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    Four Carbs, all loading fuel at bottom of intake

    It appears the fuel filter is resting on the intake manifold. Carbs cant meter fuel if its not a liquid.
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    Gauges changed out. Now I can see them well day and night.

    You could have at least used period correct carpet...shagadelic, baby!
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    Pistons, Rings and Bearings removed!

    Its engine grafitti..... Seriously, I have no clue what it's for.
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    Tire Pressures

    There were two Firestone/Ford debacles. One was the defective Firestone 500s, which were defective. I had a new car that had them and they were pure junk. That was the late 70s. The other was with the Explorers, which had to do with overloading and being undersized. A cousin was a tire factory...
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    Tire Pressures

    The Exploders had radials. And the pressure on the sidewall is MAX pressure. The car maker recommendation is on the B pillar. Two different pressures. The car maker seems to prioritize soft ride over handling.
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    Tire Pressures

    The problem was a combination of the low tire pressure and the size of the tires Ford used. They used the same size tires as used on the Ranger. Undersized for Exploders.