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  1. Shakerdave

    1968 Fury- new here

    It comes with the spacer etc.
  2. Shakerdave

    1968 Fury- new here

    Winter project.
  3. Shakerdave

    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    American racing hopster 17".
  4. Shakerdave

    Best sounding exhaust mufflers

    Flowmasters sound great on mine.
  5. Shakerdave

    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    Just ran out of time before the weather changed. Winter sucks, ❄
  6. Shakerdave

    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    Got about 10 miles on it this year. Gonna get a few gremlins out over the winter.
  7. Shakerdave

    WANTED Fuel tank filler tube clamp and clip

    I think I have my old one 68 fury. I fabricated one from a newer model car with the clicky click plastic cap and tether. I'll have a look.
  8. Shakerdave

    Evans wiring Engine Wiring Harness

    Agreed. I have one in my fury. Good quality.
  9. Shakerdave

    Theoretical question (glovebox)

    You'll want to soak in water for a bit as well to make it more pliable.
  10. Shakerdave

    Mathilda, Our Lovely 66 Newport, Wantonly DESTROYED by a Gen Xcrement Sociopath!

    Glad you're all safe, and sorry about your car. By the way I'm a "gen xcrement" and whomever doesn't like it can pi$$ off. Don't be a bias p.o.s. you don't know me anymore than the head of general mills.
  11. Shakerdave


    Is there a way to post videos on here without having a link to another URL?
  12. Shakerdave

    68 fury new 16 or 17" tires?

    225/50/17 front 275/50/17 rear 17x8 I forget the rear offset, but it's not stock 4.5 inch.
  13. Shakerdave

    Headlight Switch.

    Anyone have a link for a new or remanufactured headlight switch 1968 fury?
  14. Shakerdave

    Carb jetting

    I would recommend this. Wireless Air Fuel Meter Kits I'll never tune another carb/carbs without it. Pays for itself. Mine isn't wireless though.
  15. Shakerdave

    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    Is the blue sport fury fast top a member on here? I'd love to see some more pictures.
  16. Shakerdave

    Hood hinge question

    I'm wondering if anyone has converted the torsion bar style hood hinges to the later model spring style, or even a newer hydraulic strut style? I haven't seen much so far. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Shakerdave

    1968 Fury- new here

    Getting to the home stretch.