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    Rebuilding 6V generator into 12V generator 1955 Chrysler 300

    Any good generator rebuild shop can do this. You will need to replace the field coils with 12v units as part of the rebuild process. Dave
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    Starting in '70 the U Code HP engines had the heavier rods with a steel crank were externally balanced. These engines were available as part of the Chrysler TNT package and some police cruisers in the C-Body line in addition to the A & B & E Body applications. If I remember correctly, they...
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    New Member from Germany with a Sport Fury

    Welcome. Which engine are your rebuilding? Dave
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    First cast crankshaft for a 383 appeared on the '71 383 2BBL engines. If the crank in you '65 is original, it will be a steel crank. Externally balanced B/RB engines have an oblong center section to the harmonic balancer, it will be round on an internally balanced engine. Check the casting...
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    Strange reinforcement patch in trunk

    That is not factory. Probably a rust repair. Dave
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    1973 Dodge Monaco Ignition Switch Tilt Column

    A warmed up engine is usually easier to start as the accumulated moisture has all been evaporated from the cylinders. Something has also heated up the plastic plug at some point to cause the melting. May have been a short of some kind that was repaired, but the damage was already done. If one...
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    1973 Dodge Monaco Ignition Switch Tilt Column

    Another possibility. Note the slotted mount for the switch, if it was way out of adjustment, the start circuit might not have been engaging. Dave
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    1973 Newport Caliper Search

    Contact Craig at Mobil Parts, a vendor on this site, he should have them. If he does not have one, he can also rebuild yours. Dave
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    Leed Brakes kit - brake booster

    Probably not. The replacement booster is a metric design that will probably have a different sized rod. Second thing is that if you open up the new booster, the warranty is void. Dave
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    Phantom C bodies

    Factory Hemi powered '70SFGT or Chrysler 300 Hurst. Dave
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    Leed Brakes kit - brake booster

    The push rod will need to be made shorter to mate with the pedal assembly. You can cut a section out and re-weld it back together. This will void the warranty. If you go that route, be absolutely certain to use a certified welding shop that knows what they are doing. The last thing you want...
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    69 Chrysler, How to pull A/C compressor?

    You can grab the clutch hub with a strap type oil filter wrench to hold it if you do not have an impact tool. As noted above, powering the blue clutch lead will lock the clutch to the shaft, with a belt attached this will also allow the bolt to be taken loose. Dave
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    69 Chrysler, How to pull A/C compressor?

    Remove the A/C clutch assembly. Take the bolt at the center of the hub loose about 1/4" and tap the back of the clutch with a hammer and a block of wood. The assembly is on a tapered shaft so it should pop loose easily. Leaving the center bolt in place keeps the clutch from falling off when...
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    318 poly to 360 LA swap

    The 360 uses a weighted torque convertor as this engine is externally balanced. Transmission housing should be the same. You will need a weighted convertor for starters. I would suggest finding a donor car for stuff like the power steering and alternator brackets and the host of other small...
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    1973 Dodge Monaco Ignition Switch Tilt Column

    You probably have dirty contacts in the ignition switch. If you are trying to source an OEM unit, take the numbers off of your existing switch and see if it is in the parts book. Mopar generally used its own part numbers even for outsourced parts from Delco and other suppliers. Sometimes you...
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    72 fury 3 radiator

    The other choice would be to take you existing radiator to any good radiator shop and have it repaired or re-cored. Dave
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    Leed Brakes kit - brake booster

    That is a B-Body Booster, Leeds and other claim it fits a C-Body but it does not fit without removing the brackets and modifing the actuator rod.. Brackets supplied with this unit are for B/E Body because the firewall configuration is different than a C-Body It is also a universal fit ChiCom...
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    318 cam and lifters

    You are starting with a small valve smog engine. Stated comp ratio was 8.5-1 but as a practical matter most were running in the 8.2-1 range. Engine would have had metal shim gaskets so if the heads are going to come off and you use the modern composite gaskets the comp ratio will drop another...
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    Master cylinder thoughts...

    The reason for adding the distribution block is to be able to wire and idiot light for brake warning light. If the Chrysler has an E-Brake light, the brake warning can be wired to that light by splicing into that circuit. This gives advance warning of a pressure differential between the front...
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    Master cylinder thoughts...

    You will need to find a dual distribution block to split the front and rear brakes. Disc brake master cylinders have a larger front brake fitting. You will need to fabricate the tubing to the split brake distribution block. has the distribution block. Be sure to use a...