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  1. 64Imperial

    Upgrading 1964 Imperial wiper blades

    Hey I'm looking into upgrading the wipers on my Imperial. Currently I have the original arms and blades and very few refills. Has anyone had any luck finding an alternative? They are so bad in the rain and I worry about taking it out on a long trip without upgrading them. I'm currently...
  2. 64Imperial

    Rear drums for 5×5.5 bolt pattern

    I think I found a drum that could work for an imperial! I'll have to machine my rear drums to get the hub off, I have a tapered axle... but do you think these could work?
  3. 64Imperial

    1964 Imperial tapered axle and drum replacement

    Hey I'm thinking about swapping my rear tapered axle and drums. I found a 66 imperial axles and to replace the original drums, I have 11x2 backing plates and drums. Will this set up work correctly? I have a suregrip and the axles should be the same length. The drums and backing plates are...
  4. 64Imperial

    1964 Imperial radio noise condenser

    Hey I'm looking for a radio noise condenser. Are they making any aftermarket ones? My original worked until I needed to replace the ignition coil and the wire just crumbled off!
  5. 64Imperial

    How to remove speedometer cable!

    Hey I cannot for the life of me get the speedometer cable out of the housing! I'm trying to install auto pilot on my non auto pilot car. Does anyone have an suggestions?
  6. 64Imperial

    How to report fraud

    Hey I have a seller that I know is using photo's that are found online and only wants to be paid through money apps. How do I report this? I have screen shots of everything!
  7. 64Imperial

    Does a 1964 Imperial need upgrades for 70mph?

    Hey I love driving my 1964 Imperial but should I upgrade anything if I will be driving it at 70mph for long distances? Let me know
  8. 64Imperial

    WANTED 1960-1963 mirror matic

    Hey I'm looking for a roof mounted Mirror matic from 1960-1963 that goes in between the visors. Let me know if you have one that works to sell!
  9. 64Imperial

    WANTED 1964 Imperial/Chrysler Automatic headlight dimmer

    Hey I'm looking for an automatic headlight dimmer for a 1964 Imperial or similar years. Please let me know if you have one and the wiring harness that goes to it. Thank you!
  10. 64Imperial

    Gearshift control cable adjustment

    I have a 1964 imperial and when I was adding the auto pilot, instead of pulling the correct cable for the speedometer, I pulled out the gearshift control cable.‍ ugh......It's not fully out but I know I messed up the adjustment. What can I do to correct it?
  11. 64Imperial

    Do they still make 1964 Imperial Torsion bars?

    I'm looking to replace my torsion bars on my 64 and I haven't had much luck finding anything. Do they make new ones still? Or can they be custom made? I'm kinda at a loss
  12. 64Imperial

    WANTED 1959-1966 Imperial a/c evaporator housing cover

    Hey I have a 1964 Imperial that I'm converting over from heat only, to factory ac/heat. I need the evaporator engine firewall cover from a 1959 to 1966 Imperial. If you have one please let me know! I so far have the ac parts I need but I may have other items related to the ac I'll need. Just...
  13. 64Imperial

    1962 Imperial floor air switch?

    Did the 1962 Imperial come with a floor air switch for the ac version? I found a 1962 complete ac and I'm thinking about using it in my 1964 Imperial. What I'm worried about is it compatible? And will it work with the drivers side vent with floor air?
  14. 64Imperial

    1964 Imperial carpet

    Hey I've run into problems trying to find a carpet for a 1964 Imperial Crown Coupe. Each carpet place I wrote online said that the mold at their distributors was either destroyed in a fire or it was damaged. Some have an option for a 65 but apparently they say it's different from my 64... Is...
  15. 64Imperial

    WANTED 1964-1966 ac parts

    I'm upgrading my 1964 Imperial from the heat only option, to full ac and heat. I need the front vents, under dash vents, all the mechanics (push button controls, speed lever, bezel, ect) and heater core. Please let me know if you have any of the parts I need!
  16. 64Imperial

    1964 Imperial A/C, what vents and louves where on it?

    Hey I'm going to add ac to my 64 imperial. It currently only has the heat options. I want to make it period correct and I'm looking for what is the center under dash vents. I bought the passenger side vent and about to buy the drivers. I noticed it has a switch with a wire that says floor air...
  17. 64Imperial

    MD safety Inspection 1964 Imperial rant

    I'm just throwing this out there but I wanted to get regular tags on my 1964 Imperial because the state cops around my town are really cracking down on people driving their cars with historic tags... I put my car through a safety inspection and it failed for a neutral safety switch, car...
  18. 64Imperial

    Backing plates for Imperial

    Hey I'm swapping out my tapered axle for a 1965 Imperial axle. I'm trying to find a modern drum and backing plates to use that will fit. Anyone have an idea of what to use? I'm looking for a 11" by 2 1/2". Any parts store equivalent? Thanks!
  19. 64Imperial

    1964 Imperial finding drum brakes

    Hey I'm redoing my brakes on my 64 and I have no clue where to start with the rear drums... I'm converting the front to disk, but I honestly need to look for a new set of rear drums. Anyone know of drums that are currently being made and will fit?
  20. 64Imperial

    Welcome 64Imperial to FCBO!

    I have a 1964 Imperial that I'm restoring Location: Cumberland md