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  1. my5thmopar

    So how is the new site software?

    Click on home page and the thread options disappear or did I miss it? I usually hit home, then new posting. Now I go to forums heading then press new. Not an issue, just different.
  2. my5thmopar

    Can't get rear wheels on my 73 Fury ?!?!

    Ya get the wheels off? Seems strange with the axle hanging that they won’t go on. Craig
  3. my5thmopar

    727 Not down shifting. :(

    I had the exact same issue with a 904 I rebuilt. It was a bad governor valve. Cleaning didn’t fix it and the shuttle moved freely. I had to replace it. As already mentioned, take it back but, the warranty is probably for the PO. It’s pretty easy to get the tail shaft off. I don’t remember...
  4. my5thmopar

    Where to hook electric choke

    Here…Electric choke wire on an Edelbrock 4BBL
  5. my5thmopar

    Where to hook electric choke

    Does an AMC have a ballast resistor because IDK. Usually a Mopar is tapped into the blue ign wire. Really any switched power lead will work. If you’re concerned, you can fuse or relay the choke wire. My 2cents. Craig
  6. my5thmopar

    Testing Ignition Condenser

    I’m guessing you could do this with the uf scale meter similar to a capacitor. IDK what the specifications are on a condenser. Good thread though, I’m going to do some searching. Craig
  7. my5thmopar

    Sparkplug question, non C-Body

    They look pretty good to me. How many miles? If you are burning that much oil they would be blacker. Are you sure there isn't an oil leak? The tip is about 1/2 way so the heat range is OK. The iridium I've had looked like yours. I wouldn't worry about the dark around the insulator, it usually...
  8. my5thmopar

    Cooling issue

    It will fix itself after a few trips. If its not overheating, which it doesn't sound like it, you probably put to much antifreeze in it. I run my 440 just covering the tubes. never pukes. Craig
  9. my5thmopar

    A-745 Transmission Lubrication

    Few more things. How is the down shift from 3rd. If it’s smooth, I don’t think you have a synchro issue. When the shift to 2nd is complete, the synchro is out of the equation. The short lever should be at the rear of the transmission. Also, the levers should be in alignment at the column when...
  10. my5thmopar

    WANTED 1968 225 Exaust manifold

    Do you have a part or casting numbers? I have three /6 and a bunch of parts.
  11. my5thmopar

    A-745 Transmission Lubrication

    I had that issue with my A745 in my 64 D100. You can get the spring washers at the hardware store for the column. I had to hunt for the grommets when I rebuilt mine. I used some sorts of clutch grommet for one of the thick ones. I don’t remember which one though. It shifted very smooth without...
  12. my5thmopar

    TN Valley Mopar show

    How many cars today? I was going to drive down but, had too many chores.
  13. my5thmopar

    Manual swap

    Two other things not mentioned. The bell can be kinda hard to find but as MTMoparfan65 said, machine work can fix that. Warning that if you hot dog that 3rd gear in an OD, it may result in a scrambled mess. My 2 cents.
  14. my5thmopar

    Looking for a little help...

    Good ideas provided. Move that fuel line before welding. You probably already know that or just bolt the extensions on.
  15. my5thmopar

    Stupid tapered axles

    Are you saying they have disk for a tapered axles? I’ve never heard of this. Please post link. Craig
  16. my5thmopar

    SOLD 1960-61 Dodge dog dish hubcaps

    I’ll take them. PM sent
  17. my5thmopar

    I never knew that left-hand lugnuts...

    :poke: Those aren’t hash marks. That’s the number 7. It means turn the impact wrench to 7.
  18. my5thmopar

    stihl husqvarna echo

    Stihl farm boss about 30 years old. Been through 2 bars and countless chains. Dropped from 35ft up a tree and ran over when fell off truck When and if I kill this one, going Stihl.
  19. my5thmopar

    Found my one-ton

    Cool truck! Good luck with it.