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    What is a good source of a rebuilt A-727 transmission?

    Are you in Moscow, like back in the USSR?
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    New Member from Germany with a Sport Fury

    Hi from Chilton, Wi love the 65's
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    For Sale 1967 Chrysler, Imperial Service manual

    Hi, This service manual is in pretty good condition, no ripped pages, for both 1967 Chryslers and Imperials. $30.00 plus shipping from 53014 (chilton, Wi) PM if interested. Thanks
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    Private msg delete?

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    Private msg delete?

    Hi, How do I clean my in box of private msg? Thanks
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    Proper 69 Chrysler 440 fuel pump

    this is what i use Carter M4434 Carter Mechanical Fuel Pumps | Summit Racing
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    1973 Newport Caliper Search

    I'm not sure he does, I think he sends them out. You could try calipers online and see what they charge
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    WANTED WTB 440 RB accel dual point Cap

    always good to have a spare?
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    Sudden death

    check the hot wire to the coil?
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    WANTED WTB 440 RB accel dual point Cap

    Thank-you, halifhops has measured the shaft and it is RB 4" long, apparently someone has changed the shaft
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    WANTED WTB 440 RB accel dual point Cap

    yeah, that's who is working on it. thanks
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    WANTED WTB 440 RB accel dual point Cap

    this is what i have, what cap and rotor?
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    WANTED WTB 440 RB accel dual point Cap

    Hi, I'd like to purchase a nice cap and rotor for accel dual point distributor. I'd like NIB but will look at others. I don't need for Mopar Distributor, must be accel 30301 unit. I appreciate the ad, please PM if interested
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    68 Town and Country in Pick a Part California

    here you go, sw was still available wed 4 Chryslers from 1960’s - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
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    source for brake lines Disc 1968 NewYorker

    I don't believe so, I tape both ends and spray with clear lacquer.
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    1968 Chrysler New Yorker purchase

    Thank-you. This is my old 68 which I sold couple of years ago to a fellow in Chicago
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    For all you fender tag lovers! Tag from my 1968 Chrysler

    you have a big red car with 440/350hp, built 9/1/67, 5 tires 8:55X14, red bucket seat, 2:76 rear axle gear, post more pix please