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  1. Fury440

    Portable battery jumper

    After years driving around the bush, my only go-to is a pair of 25' jumper cables made up using old welder cables. They stay flexible in -40C weather, simple but hard to beat! LOL
  2. Fury440

    Clean up Horror Storries

    My father ran over a family of skunks on the highway and his car got sprayed underneath bumper to bumper. Was not so bad on a dry hot day, but virtually undrivable when it got wet. He traded the car on a hot dry day LOL
  3. Fury440

    For Sale not mine, '70 fury convertible

    I'd be very interested to see those stats.
  4. Fury440

    For Sale not mine, '70 fury convertible

    ASAIK they made 1952 Fury III convertibles in 1970 model year. I don't know of any break down by color or other options. I wrote to the historical records people and was told all production info was lost in a storage facility fire.
  5. Fury440

    Calgary World of Wheels pics

    That "chain"truck is bit much.
  6. Fury440

    Epic Whoops thread.

    What blows me away is how anyone could survive a crash like that!
  7. Fury440

    Epic Whoops thread.

    Gotta watch those cattle guards!!
  8. Fury440

    Convertible pump fluid?

    G'day! I've used power steering fluid and transmission fluid in different convertibles and both work just fine. I steer away from brake fluid because the roof hydraulics seem to be prone to leaks and brake fluid is bad news on painted floor pans and even worse under rugs. To fill and bleed the...
  9. Fury440

    Comment by 'Fury440' in item '69 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible'

    Beautiful car! Who is the dude taking a leak in the background? LOL
  10. Fury440

    Comment by 'Fury440' in item '1968 Monaco 500'

    She is a beauty!! Love the color!
  11. Fury440

    Is It Halloween Already?

    How freaking true!!!
  12. Fury440

    Hagerty: Tulsa buries Prowler until 2048 as time capsul

    Time capsules are a joke! We all have stuff much older stashed in our garages and its in much better condition. Mine just past 50 years and I still drive it.
  13. Fury440

    Epic Whoops thread.

    Wonder what a "self driving" car would do if that happened?
  14. Fury440

    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT/Brogham

    Ha! eat your heart out, I got the pleasure to not only sit in the car, I actually got to drive it! Awsome!
  15. Fury440

    No need for A/C today

    heheh - heard you got white stuff!!
  16. Fury440

    No need for A/C today

    Western Canada gets to look at the bright side I guess. At -30C with -40C windchill, it doesn't snow much. :lol:
  17. Fury440

    hidden headlight

    John I think the difference is the types of gears and limit switches used. I've seen at least 4 different limit switch setups, some allow the gear to rotate 360 deg, others rotating beyond the limit switch self destructs the switch and or the gear. Basically the limits of door travel act as...