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  1. shooter65

    So how is the new site software?

    Other then I don't stay logged into any site. It's an IT security risk that in my career, I can't get complacent with. No worries, if it can't be changed, it can't be changed, I'll just click the button. No real security issue here, just habit. Thanks
  2. shooter65

    So how is the new site software?

    Of course, we'd all like it to never change, LOL but the only thing that bothers me so far is the "Stay logged in" defaulting to checked. Can we change our settings so this defaults to unchecked? Thanks
  3. shooter65

    Sport Fury GT Walkaround

    Speaking from 33 years experiance in IT, upgrades suck more for the people doing them then the people using them, ie Joey and his team. Patience is a virture and software vendors LIE. I'm sure the new software that Joey and his team have chosen was presented to be great but that is never the...
  4. shooter65

    Getting an Imperial Home

    It sounds like you may have dodged a bullet on this one.
  5. shooter65

    NOT MINE 1972 dodge polara body $12,345

    I'm not even sure what's for sale, that's a parts car sitting in years of pine needles. What a shame. More importantly Top Offers, don't we all? Someone needs to tell him Christmas is over.
  6. shooter65

    NOT MINE 1976 Chrysler Newport $4,000

    I blame it on the "Barn Find" term. Everyone thinks if they show pics of a vehicle in a garage or barn with 5 years of dust on it, it somehow increases the value. Note the service manual on the front seat, but "It ran when parked". LOL
  7. shooter65

    Build sheets

    I would start with this, 1962-1968 Fender Tag & Broadcast Sheet Codes – MyMopar Make sure you follow @69CoronetRT advice. This should get you going. Keep in mind that the first digit is often pre-printed on your build sheet. ie. may be is 5144. Numbering changed from 68 to 69 so I can't...
  8. shooter65

    Hey fellow Mopar guys

    Another option but the shipping from Oregon might be cost prohibitive, Hate to break it to you but aftermarket parts for C-Bodies with a few exceptions mostly don't exist.
  9. shooter65

    NOT MINE 1973 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe - $12,750 - Middleburg, Pennsylvania

    Sorry to highjack this thread, this looks like a nice car but....I like this one better, For Sale - 1973 Chrysler New Yorker @Douglas Buckley I like 4-door better then 2-door NYs but I may be in the exception. If you haven't yet, I think it would be to your advantage to get your engine sorted...
  10. shooter65

    NOT MINE 1964 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron $9,000

    That appears to be a lot of car for 9K
  11. shooter65

    Floor Pans

    Just wanted to throw this out there, you mentioned in your original post about buying floor pans. For future reference, no one makes usable aftermarket body panels for C-Bodies so if you're looking at body panels cut from a parts car, that's good but don't waste your money on aftermarket body...
  12. shooter65

    Epic Whoops thread.

  13. shooter65

    1967 Newport Padded Dash Restoration

    I checked ABCMoparts but they don't seem to do 67 or 68 dashes yet. They are much cheaper the JustDashes and do nice work IMO. He is at Carlisle every year if that helps. Most of his pads are out of stock but if you send him your old one, he will recover for dashes he does. If you talk to...
  14. shooter65

    POS part I just got - any way to salvage it???

    I've used the CRC products for years with very good success. CRC also makes Evaporust, great product also IMO for rust removal on smaller parts.
  15. shooter65

    For all you fender tag lovers! Tag from my 1968 Chrysler

    Sorry, this is the correct answer, I didn't answer your question, I went down a rabbit hole. Sorry about that.
  16. shooter65

    For all you fender tag lovers! Tag from my 1968 Chrysler

    As many on here will tell you, the build date was actually called a SPD, Scheduled Production Date on later cars but it's the same thing. Yours would definitely be an early 68 but it could have been built earlier or later then Sept 1. Sept 1 Build Date, ie. SPD would be a 68
  17. shooter65

    For all you fender tag lovers! Tag from my 1968 Chrysler

    Just noticed I had j7 instead of h7. Here is the corrected abc codes. I simply deleted a space from before the 7 to fix it and pressed the decode button again. abc OPTIONS: b5: Rear Arm Rest w/ Ashtray h7: Fender or Hood Mounted Turn Signal Indicators
  18. shooter65

    For all you fender tag lovers! Tag from my 1968 Chrysler

    This is what I came up with from this site. 1967-1968 Mopar Fender Tag Decoder, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth IMO, the best way I've found using these sites for this era of car is do your best with entering in the top and adjust it based on what you get back. When I first did it, I was off my a...
  19. shooter65

    What I've been up too

    Old tractors with front end loaders can't be beat. I have to get a back blade for my JD 1020. That will make plowing the driveway a breeze.
  20. shooter65

    Before RTE 66 The Lincoln Highway

    That's a bucket list road trip after retirement. Head west on the Lincoln Highway where possible and come back Historic Route 66 where possible. Avoid interstates as much as possible.