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  1. RemCharger

    WANTED Wanted 67 air cleaner.

    That looks like a 67 Cuda aircleaner
  2. RemCharger

    Remember the desirable. and rare "999 Omaha Orange"?

    Interesting. I had a 64 polara winter beater, and decided to paint it. Grabbed a gallon at the parts store,"Omaha orange", looked good-covered up shitty bodywork, -later found out it was actually a factory color for the car!
  3. RemCharger

    1968 Chrysler New Yorker purchase

    The D53 is 68 under AX. And they were 3.31
  4. RemCharger

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Nice!! Very similar to my monaco. I see a fastback lurking in the weeds too :canada:
  5. RemCharger

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Just had a nice one roll up for a distributor upgrade..
  6. RemCharger

    68 New Yorker 440 is out of tune

    ^^^I agree. Once I sorted out this screw adjustment ,everything fell into place.
  7. RemCharger

    1966 , 383 stock cam specs

    You can't wear down a broom stick.
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    For Sale 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible Canada

    Numbers 440 runs nice tuneup 2 yrs ago Trans was rebuilt at some point and shifts nice Originally steel blue New rear suspension new calipers ($1000- not installed) Lots of extra parts A/c power vent windows seek am radio Needs rear floor pan work but pretty decent rustwise Will need old car TLC...
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    For Sale 68 500 letters

    I believe 68 monaco and polara are different f each other, and neither is those. I vote they're for 67 monaco
  10. RemCharger

    Delivery day! 68 New Yorker 2 door.

    I like it!! The color isn't bad! Here's my old 99% survivor (sold couple years ago)
  11. RemCharger

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler 300-440 4speed

    Very cool car. Being picky though, I can't see the firewall support rods. And I do have a blue 68 C 4spd console.. not sure what the question was..
  12. RemCharger

    For Sale Nice 68 new port for sale (not mine)

    Beautiful car. IF it was repainted, it was done by a professional. Nobody could duplicate factory paint like that. Is there signs of polishing? Yup. But sadly thats exactly how they rolled out the door. (source; my original 67 NY, Fathers 68 300, and numerous others..)
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    Took the 1966 Newyorker 4dr to the dragstrip today

    Aha! So there's a few tricks left up the sleeve!:steering:
  14. RemCharger

    What engine is in this thing?

    81, K-codes, 350 horse, 4160 small holleys. 83, L-codes, 375 horse, AFB(68-69 AVS 750). Parts book doesn't Always follow fact.
  15. RemCharger

    Took the 1966 Newyorker 4dr to the dragstrip today

    That Is impressive to say the least!! What kind of improvements do you plan on making to drop 3 1/2 tenths? And gaining 2-3 mph? 40 hp would do it or going to a mineshaft track! Of course a tiny 75 shot wouldn't hurt either!
  16. RemCharger

    Hum bolt Hockey Team Support

    Very close to home, thanks for posting that.
  17. RemCharger

    67-68 polara with 440-4spd?

    Thank you Sirs. I will post back when I find out what it is for sure.