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  1. 440Chrysler

    My 1969 Dodge Polara Wagon

    Good find! I'm excited to see the final result!
  2. 440Chrysler

    65 Fury 2-door sedan.......and it's done.....after 9 years.

    That thing looks like a beast! What are your plans for it? Drag racing? Cruising? Road Course?
  3. 440Chrysler

    Ever straightened a bumper yourself?

    I've straightened a twisted bumper before. A large adjustable wrench was my secret weapon.
  4. 440Chrysler

    WANTED 67 New Yorker Hood Lettering

    I've searched for a couple days now and cannot find my set of letters. How these things turn up for me is I'll find them when I stop looking for them. So I'll stop looking and let you know when I find them. Sorry I couldn't be of much help!
  5. 440Chrysler

    WANTED 67 New Yorker Hood Lettering

    I went searching for the letters but couldn't find them. I know I have them, I just haven't had the time to tear through my shop to find them. I'm going away for the weekend, so ping me on Monday and I'll continue the hunt.
  6. 440Chrysler

    WANTED 67 New Yorker Hood Lettering

    Ok, I'll try to take some pictures of the E that I have tonight.
  7. 440Chrysler

    WANTED 67 New Yorker Hood Lettering

    Hello! I have an incomplete set that I'm willing to part out. Are you just looking for the "E"?
  8. 440Chrysler

    I cut out this rusty trunk! ‘68 New Yorker

    Looks Good! Keep posting! When I first started into repairing my New Yorker, I used the floors to teach myself rust repair and metal forming. Once you finish these repairs, you should be ready to take on any exterior rust. I look forward to seeing your results!
  9. 440Chrysler


    If he doesn't take them, I'm interested!
  10. 440Chrysler

    Dodge EV Day 2021

    It has comparable horsepower. The electric motor we got was comparable to what was tested when the tractor was new in the 40s. An agricultural university did a lot of dyno testing and pulling capability testing, so we were able to find non-factory biased data. Factory horsepower was about 18hp...
  11. 440Chrysler

    Dodge EV Day 2021

    This tractor will actually plow for an hour and a half, rake hay for an hour and 45 minutes, and has a 15 mile range. It has room for more batteries. It's never run out of power, it's only run out of charge. New battery technology will quadruple the charge capacity and reduce weight. With modern...
  12. 440Chrysler

    Chrysler 300 C 5.7 Hemi donor

    Are The block for these engines is fairly backwards compatible? What transmission is the 1990s transmission that he's using? I wonder if it could bolt up to the small block 727s.
  13. 440Chrysler

    Chrysler 300 C 5.7 Hemi donor

    I hear that modern cars will shut off the ignition or the injectors if the computer senses that it was in an accident. You might need to give the computer a reset, if it gives you the option. A scan tool might give you the option.
  14. 440Chrysler

    Dodge EV Day 2021

    As the Lithium Ion Batteries degrade, they hold the charge for less time. They don't necessarily loose total voltage. So you'll be able to keep the 1000hp number, it's just only going to have 1000hp 20% less of the run time than it had before. As far as current battery technology goes, Lead...
  15. 440Chrysler

    1968 Chrysler 300 transmission oil leak

    I had an issue where it was leaking out of the gear selector shaft gasket. It made it look a lot like it was leaking out of the pan still. Maybe give that a shot.
  16. 440Chrysler

    Another 440 rebuild

    When I rebuilt my 440, I got the factory heads ported, installed 440 Source roller tip rockers, installed bigger valves (I can pull up the valve sizes if you're interested), installed an edelbrock performer intake, a mild comp cam, had to bore it .060" over to clean the worst bore and matched...
  17. 440Chrysler

    '68 300 wheel change, what a difference!

    To refresh my memory, that conversion just requires a spindle and master cylinder change, right?
  18. 440Chrysler

    '68 300 wheel change, what a difference!

    That does it. I'm officially on the hunt for Magnum 500s.
  19. 440Chrysler

    Headers for a ‘68 New Yorker

    I can attest that TTI headers work very well! The fitment is great. The easiest way to install the passenger side is to undo the motor mount bolt and jack the motor up to make clearance between the engine and the torsion bar. Spend the money on the coated headers. I painted mine myself to try...
  20. 440Chrysler

    SOLD Stranded! 727 for a 440.

    Ha, We were going for a herculean effort and trying to drive the car home the same weekend we broke down. The cheaper/long term/quickest solution ended being leaving the car at my parent's house and having the transmission rebuilt during the week. The Craigslist post is by a reputable guy and...