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  1. Big_John

    would a Kaiser be welcome at a Mopar show ?

    Well, Zastava did produce some Fiats along with the Fiat 128 based Yugo. They also built Ford trucks in the 30's... Zastava Automobiles - Wikipedia There's all sorts of tie ins.. Diamond Star (remember that name?) was Chrysler and Mitsubishi. They built the Eagle... So I could see letting...
  2. Big_John

    Name that girl

    My wife glanced at it and got it immediately.
  3. Big_John

    CNY Mopar Association Show 2022

    Last I heard, they are doing the show in Weedsport Speedway as the Liverpool park isn't available anymore. That's where they used to hold the show before they moved it to Liverpool. I might see a few of the guys this weekend and ask what's up.
  4. Big_John

    One Turn Signal Blinks Super Slow+Dash Smoke-77 NYB

    Usually, when you let the smoke out of something electrical, it happens once, maybe twice, and it stops because whatever fried is done frying. You've got a lot of things going on here though. I'm leaning toward it being steam from leaking coolant, but those other electrical issues are...
  5. Big_John

    One Turn Signal Blinks Super Slow+Dash Smoke-77 NYB

    How does the smoke smell? Electrical burning has a sharp stink and antifreeze has a sweet smell. Floor wet? Do you remember what the blower switch was set at? On high, the resistor is bypassed so there would be no issue with that.
  6. Big_John

    Name that girl

    I figured it out, but don't remember ever seeing her in anything.
  7. Big_John

    68 T&C Power Window Relay - Source of the problem?

    Well, you can't just plug in just any relay... To test it, you have 3 connections. One connection has a red wire that is "hot" all the time. Another (I don't have the wire color) comes from the accessory feed and that will be on when the ignition or accessory key switch is on. The third is the...
  8. Big_John

    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Checked fluid idling in neutral? I always hate to post that, but there's been a couple times when that's the issue.
  9. Big_John

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    Bad link, but all us northern guys were no strangers to Dry-Gas. Basically a can of alcohol to absorb the water. The better brands were ethanol and the cheap ones were methanol. It wasn't unusual to dump a can or two in the car... Often after having problems with gas that had water in it from...
  10. Big_John

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    Percentages... If your 2 stroke whatever is using a 40:1 ratio, that's 3.2 ounces per gallon. Mixing 1 ounce with 5 gallons (as Matt says) is 640:1 or .2 oz. per gallon. Lot's more oil per gallon in your chainsaw. Full disclaimer: I don't put anything in my gas tank except gas except my...
  11. Big_John

    Name that girl

    I got it.
  12. Big_John

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    It's all snake oil, especially that lead additive you're already using. All that stuff does is remove money from your wallet.
  13. Big_John

    Name that girl

    Peter Dinklage made me laugh a lot.
  14. Big_John

    SOLD Starrett Micrometer Set

    PM sent
  15. Big_John

    Name that girl

    We binge watched the whole series. It dragged a little here and there, and when it went off into fantasy land I usually dozed off... But it actually was a decent watch. Mrs. Big John loves that stuff, so she could fill in any missing (or forgotten) parts for me.
  16. Big_John

    Name that girl

    I had to cheat, but I got #1365. Actually watched the series she was in too, but only after Mrs. Big John insisted we watch.
  17. Big_John

    Is it possible to add abs to an Imperial?

    A couple bucks more and you can get one with the correct looking cover. 1960's Mopar Bendix Master Cylinder DRUM Brakes 1" Bore Dodge Plymouth Chrysler | eBay For some reason, that generic aftermarket cover just rubs me the wrong way when I see it.
  18. Big_John

    new fuel sending unit ugh!

    Look under the dash to the left of the steering column. If there's a limiter there, you don't have the "low fuel" light.
  19. Big_John

    Name that girl

    I had to look up what "LOTR" was, so I guess I fall in that category. I'm more of a "Better Call Saul" fan.