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  1. Newport 66

    Merry Christmas!!

    Glad tidings of great joy to each of you!!
  2. Newport 66

    383 misfire

    I've got a issue with one of my 383's. I rebuilt the carb, replaced the plugs and wires and now I have a misfire. Ran a compression check. All cylinders are in the 125 range. Looked at the plugs and 7 of the 8 were firing and tan colored. # 7 looks like it just came out of the box, not firing at...
  3. Newport 66

    For Sale Zenith Seat covers

    New in the box aftermarket Zenith seat covers. Brown in color. Fitment in the pictures. $25.00 + shipping
  4. Newport 66

    WANTED '62 300 exh manifold

    '62 300 with a 413. Looking for a passenger side exhaust manifold. Would buy both sides.
  5. Newport 66

    WANTED '66 Newport manual brake pedal and bracket

    Looking for a manual drum brake pedal and underdash bracket with column mounted auto trans. I have the manual firewall plate. TIA.
  6. Newport 66

    RIP Mr. Norm...

    Sad day indeed...
  7. Newport 66

    WANTED Small block 727 trans dipstick tube

    Seeking a dipstick tube for a small block 727. Thanks!
  8. Newport 66

    Got my new lift!

    After doing research I took the plunge and bought this Bendpak MD-6XP mid height lift. I can't put a full height lift in my shop due to ceiling height restrictions. This will make shop life much easier and get me off my knees and back for most service on the cars. The icing on the cake for...
  9. Newport 66

    Floor jack recommendations

    So my old and I mean ooolllddd...floorjack finally gave up. I need to buy a new one and not going to Harbor Freight. I was a firm believer in Walker equipment. Any recommendations? Everything made in China?
  10. Newport 66

    WANTED '62 Dart/Polara hood

    I am looking for a hood for my '62 Polara. I don't want to drill/ cut on the hood that's on the car. I realize this is a long shot. Also the closer to Wisconsin the better. Thanks
  11. Newport 66

    Feel like a damned criminal!!!???

    Just came from my local drug store, picking up a prescription. Walked in the store without my mask, box with masks for customers was empty and no one at the counter. So, I proceed to follow the arrows back to the pharmacy department to get my drugs. Lady walks out of the employee area and...
  12. Newport 66

    For Sale Sales brochures

    $10 each or $75 for the bunch and I'll pay the shipping
  13. Newport 66

    RIP, Outfields Tony Lewis

    Lead singer of the Outfield, Tony Lewis died at 62 years of age. One of my favorite bands in the '80's. He had a unique voice.
  14. Newport 66

    First Snow!

    First snow of the year for us. I don't have the yardwork all done or any of the cars ready for winter yet. Hope it doesn't stay!.
  15. Newport 66

    Backyard wildlife

    Had a Red TailHawk in the yard this morning. I know this is a poor photo but I didn't want to scare him off while he was having lunch, Dining on a rabbit.
  16. Newport 66

    WANTED '62 Dodge Polara park lever cable

    Looking for the dash lever cable. Posted on FBBO as well
  17. Newport 66

    Ram 700 truck

    Will it come to the U.S.? Would you consider buying one? The Ram 700 Is a Cool Mexican-Market Compact Pickup That's Smaller Than the Original Dakota
  18. Newport 66

    RIP- Eddie Van Halen

    Another rock legend gone...
  19. Newport 66

    MoPar auction in Kearney, NE

  20. Newport 66

    First frost!

    Time to test the fireplace. House was at 58 degrees this morning.