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    Extra set of eyes needed (online) for purchase 1959 Imperial Crown

    That's a beautiful car, whatever you decide to do. I hope it checks out.
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    1973 plymouth fury 1 taxi

    There was a white slant 6 Charger, think it was a 68, at Carlisle ~ 5 years ago. $50K and it always had a crowd around it.
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    My unexpected Hurst 300 Find

    What a beauty! Thanks for all the pics and congrats!
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    71 New Yorker Coupe

    Love the Cross Ram's on that 60! Good luck with the NY'er.
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    1973 plymouth fury 1 taxi

    What a neat car! A # of years ago, there were a row of Challengers on the stage at Carlisle. Only one was a /6 which I thought was so interesting as you never see them.
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    1967 Crown Coupe purchased at estate sale

    I love that dark green interior, like the other one a member is restoring. Thanks for posting all the pics!
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    Scored me a Crown Coupe !

    That is stunning!
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    Scored me a Crown Coupe !

    Now the outside looks as nice as that beautiful inside! Thanks for posting so many pics. I enjoy having a front row seat to this transformation!
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    My 1969 Imperial LeBaron

    Beautiful car in great colors! Thanks for posting them.
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    New arrivals at the museum

    Oh, that sounds good, too. I remember a few years ago, you brought up a DeSoto convertible, a color similar to seamist. I think it was a '60. Beautiful car.
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    New arrivals at the museum

    Will either of these be at Carlisle? Please? :D
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    Scored me a Crown Coupe !

    That green interior looks awesome and in really great shape. Good luck with it and keep posting pics of the process.
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    For Sale Another 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible

    That is a beautiful 300! Good luck with the sale.
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    New purchase 1968 NewYorker TNT

    Two beautiful cars! Nice job on that purchase!
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    Took my '57 out today

    Beautiful '57. Love the two tone!
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    NOT MINE '57 Imperial Limo

    VIN:SLY11044PA From 1957 Chrysler Imperial Limousine VIN: SLY11044PA - CLASSIC.COM Does that look correct?
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    NOT MINE '57 Imperial Limo

    Per the Mecum listing: 1 of 36 by Ghia. Copper brown iridescent. 392. No Reserve. Houston 2023 April 13-15. A beauty but I think if it was all black it would be more stunning.
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    Love the phone!
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    Beautiful celebrities with their Mopars? Please post em!

    I wouldn't call Mr. Drysdale a beautiful celebrity, but since someone posted Lawrence Welk, :lol:
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    For Sale '70 C Body Power Bucket Seats

    Not mine, don't know the owner, just saw it. Located in Charlton, MA, SW of Worcester.