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    Full dual exhaust system

    No engine likes backpressure but all engines love scavenging. A completely open, huge dual exhaust might eliminate scavenging impulses or make some other harmonic change. What if that exhaust has resonance to provide a boost in torque at 5000-6500 rpm? In a low-revving street engine it might...
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    Sub Frame Connectors

    Looks like you took some time to do a thorough job. I’ve thought about these for my Imperial but wasn’t sure how the rubber mount for the stub would affect it.
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    1966 Newport wiper blades

    Thank you, Alan. Just ordered a pair.
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    66 Sport Fury Keep the 383 or go 440 ?? Worth the cash?

    Yep. Would recommend the second guy. I’ve got his card around somewhere. I’ll PM you.
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    383 or 440 for my amateur vision

    In that case, go with a 400 or a 440. 400 has the advantage of being a stiffer block and starting with larger bores. It will also use your existing accessories (although if you're not cost-sensitive, that's not a huge advantage). You can get more cubes out of a 440 and you're not racing it so...
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    383 or 440 for my amateur vision

    I disagree that a 440 is cheaper than a stroked 383. By the time you buy the engine and accessories, you’re looking at the difference in price between a regular piston kit and a stroker kit. The real issue is the mismatched heads. That means you’re buying new heads and then will need to...
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    66 Sport Fury Keep the 383 or go 440 ?? Worth the cash?

    I spent most of my Mexico time further south, from the Seven Sisters area down to Abreojos. I'm currently in the second year of a 3-month paint project. I'm now on my second TJ paint and body guy. It's looking good this time around, so once I've gotten the car back, I'd be happy to share...
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    66 Sport Fury Keep the 383 or go 440 ?? Worth the cash?

    So this poll is "keep the 383 or go with a 440" but it's a yes or no option. It will probably be cheaper and easier to go with a 383 stroker than swapping in a 440. A 440-source stroker kit is $2450 (Darn! They raised their prices before I bought one!). A rebuild kit with pistons, rings, etc...
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    Cruising On The Autobahn

    Assuming a 29” tall tire and some torque converter slip, 3.55 gears give 4800 rpm at 105 mph. 3.23 gives 4375 or so. So depending on his tire size and accuracy of his speedometer, I’d guess 3.23 or 3.55s.
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    Seen it all now

    Bam! And there's the side door. That will teach me to revise my first gut reaction!
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    Seen it all now

    That could well be. I took it as the guy cut off the back of the greenhouse, and replaced the gaps with flat sheet metal. However, removing the doors would have required more extensive metal work, so he just didn't. A professional car manufacturer would have the skills to execute that. But...
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    Seen it all now

    I would think so as well. Not a big industry around Chrysler professional cars, but they were out there. Edited: just looked more closely at the pics. Saw the rear doors. I’m going to change my opinion to hack job!
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    What to know about C Body cars before buying

    Others have answered the 4-speed question, so I'll comment on the car and the competition. The car looks nice, but I'd look at it closely: the dual exhaust was put on by a non-mopar guy, the 6x9 speakers, look under the dash cover, and the shininess of the paint contrasts oddly with the dirty...
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    67' 300 440 Plan of Action

    Brakes and shocks. You can limp along a tired motor, but the brakes and shocks make a big difference not just in safety but in how the car feels. It is so nice to have a firm pedal and reduced float.
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    35 + years

    I don’t see the a/c
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    Full dual exhaust system

    Probably had more to do with scavenging than velocity or back pressure.
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    Full dual exhaust system

    That's not TBM's style, so I think you're reading more attitude than is really there. The issue is likely to be that a 2.5" will flow more than you need, so the increased cost, difficulty of routing and weight won't have any payoff in performance.
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    Why did you buy your classic Mopar??

    When I had my first child, I had to stop commuting by motorcycle so I could drop her off at daycare. I didn’t want to go from commuting by bike to a Camry, so I talked about a classic car with my wife. After some research she found that child car seats provide most of the crash protection for...
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    5 years ago today what a life changer!

    MGB and TR6: two of my favorite cars. My step father had a yellow TR6, 73 I think. Kept it in a garage where I worked. He never drove it but needed to keep the battery charged. So, for several years, I used to swap pretty freely between my truck and that car. He sold it to buy a race car, I...
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    My tire and wheel conundrum

    There are several things to unpack in your post, most or all of which have been covered by others, but sometimes it's helpful to look at exactly what you're asking for to get to the answer. As it stands now, you're asking about changing everything in a big block of changes, which is kind of...