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  1. saforwardlook

    Power steering box recommendation/opinions?

    I replaced the original steering box on one of my fuselage Chrysler 300s with a Master Pro remanufactured unit shown in this link...
  2. saforwardlook

    best carburetor

    I have not been following this thread but in reading through the issues herein all I can say is that the original Holley 4160 carbs were junk after about the first two years of normal use because they warped badly, mostly the center metering blocks, that made them not worth trying to rebuild...
  3. saforwardlook

    Unsure of how to move forward with 81 EFI Imperial

    i nearly bought a sinatra imp last year but as soon as i sat in it the seating /driving position irritation came back........ Thanks very much Mark for the comprehensive review of your overall thoughts and the downsides of those cars as I am confident I would find the same irritations as you...
  4. saforwardlook

    Unsure of how to move forward with 81 EFI Imperial

    It is interesting that you have converted 4 of these cars to carbureted vehicles - did you have the conversion package that Chrysler provided to make the changeover or did you just used a Mirada or equivalent to make the changeover, and if the latter I can see how it would be relatively...
  5. saforwardlook

    Looking for suggestions 72 Imperial

    I just recall that @MonacoBlue on this site had the Florida company rebuild the compressor on his Monaco Wagon and he had plenty of problems with it but I am not sure specifically what they all were after a couple years now, so you might contact him. Others have said their rebuilds do not...
  6. saforwardlook

    1972 Polara Custom

    And it has a complete front valence too it appears. The cornering lights are a real plus on any car to my eyes. I like it and how you are taking it to the next level. Enjoy it fully!
  7. saforwardlook

    1973 Newport/ New Yorker blueprints

    I started employment with Chrysler Corporation in 1969 in their headquarters in Highland Park, Michigan. What I found unusual was that the engineering center was on one side of campus while the styling/design center was on the other side and there was a big wide gap between the two centers of...
  8. saforwardlook

    Help!!!! Column Assembly for a father son project.

    I have to agree with Ross, as those columns are complex and not straightforward to repair, but that is only half the problem, as the other part of the problem is that many of the plastic parts inside the column are usually broken after many years of use and aging effects. After attempting to...
  9. saforwardlook

    71 Chrysler 300 - vinyl molding trim

    For the sake of completeness, I meant to cover the details of my ordering the roll of vinyl ribbed material to make the insert moldings from. I ordered the material from American Floor Mats. You can call them to place your order at (800) 762-9010 (US & Canada only) or 240-715-3333 or you can...
  10. saforwardlook

    Looking for suggestions 72 Imperial

    I too would suggest you read through all the discussions on this subject that have occurred in the past. Most of my opinions having worked on a few of these systems is to first make sure you have a good RV2 Chrysler compressor in the first place that doesn't have a lot of miles on it or an NOS...
  11. saforwardlook

    For Sale Parting out 1971 300

    If you still have this parts car I am interested in the side trim from it if it is in good shape. I also live in So. Calif. so maybe I could come and take a look at it and see what else I could use? I will also send a note to your email............. Thanks.
  12. saforwardlook

    NOT MINE 1970 300 convertible (not mine)

    I haven't done it but I do firmly believe the launch would be much better with the high stall converter, but the fuel consumption would be miserable if you had to drive the one with the high stall converter with a 440 under any condition.
  13. saforwardlook

    NOT MINE 1970 300 convertible (not mine)

    The 383-2 engines generally have the 2.7 axle and the 383-4 have the 3.2 axles. I have not rebuilt transmissions for these two applications but I have for the 440 standard and HP engines. It has been some time now since my last rebuild of one, but I believe the only difference was the HP...
  14. saforwardlook

    NOT MINE 1970 300 convertible (not mine)

    All I can add to this discussion is that I have two 1970 Chrysler 300s and one is the 440 std. performance and the other is HP plus I have numerous standard performance 1971 Chryslers and a couple are HPs. All I can say is if there are different stall speeds between any of them, I certainly...
  15. saforwardlook

    Correct Lug Nuts

    Actually PG Classic also told me that "the dimple (or "tit") was a part of the manufacturing process" back then as well when I bought mine a number of years ago now. They wanted them to be exactly like the originals when they had them reproduced. I have not seen any others on the market with...
  16. saforwardlook

    Correct Lug Nuts

    The place I go for really correct lug nuts for rally wheels is PG Classic - and they claim they are the ones that had them remanufactured to match the ones Ma Mopar made that even have the correct dimples on top. I bought several sets of these a number of years ago for my Cuda with rally wheels...
  17. saforwardlook

    A Long Ordeal for a Fine Car - Triple Black!

    Interesting, after my black one is restored, then next up is my triple Tahitian Walnut 300 with sunroof. It is shown in its current condition in Scott Rudge's Sunroof Registry.....................
  18. saforwardlook

    A Long Ordeal for a Fine Car - Triple Black!

    I have seen this other triple black 71 300 before on a youtube video. It is located in Japan - in my case, I much prefer the vinyl roof on these models:
  19. saforwardlook

    A Long Ordeal for a Fine Car - Triple Black!

    Sorry Tim, I will be too busy working on triple black! Its at my body/paint guy's shop in a couple weeks finally! It's down to a rolling shell at present.