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    New Member, 1967 Imperial

    Holy schneikies! It’s been a looong time since posting here. Sad to say, but I’ve finally gotten the gumption to get it sold. I don’t drive it at all any more so it’s time to pass it on to a new custodian.
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    No power to the starter

    Thanks. Was most likely a loose wire. I got under the hood again and looked for the fusable link and found it. I firmed you every connection and then went in and tried it again. Fired right up. But certainly not dirty terminals. I mean they weren’t dirty, but also the symptoms didn’t fit. It...
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    No power to the starter

    Just tried to start my 67 imperial after lunch and it cranked and cranked (at good speed, so battery is good) but wouldn’t catch. In about the third try, there was just no power to the starter any more. No click, no turn, no nothing. There’s still power to the car. The dash lights up, windows...
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    Advice on a new exhaust system?

    Your beat bet is probably to go to a local muffler shop and get a quote for duals using stock mufflers.
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    My new ‘64 Imperial convertible

    Happy new year! Congratulations on the next stages of life!
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    San Diego to Detroit freight

    Happy to do it for a fellow FCBOer. I just wish I’d taken a picture of the imperial with the pallet on the roof rack.
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    67 coupe engine option....

    It’s possible that there was a late option.
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    I tried to buy an Imperial and failed, but got this instead!

    Thanks for tagging me. I sent Coco a PM to see if he’s still looking for an Imperial.
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    optimum hwy RPM?

    I think this is a great question and way more relevant than asking about how to get 1/4 mile times down (apologies to MEV, and my favorite New Yorker). I didn’t read all the responses (I’ll do that later when the kids are asleep), but engines get best fuel mileage at the torque peak. Do tuning...
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    1968 300 camshaft questions

    Can you spray water on the radiator?
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    1968 300 camshaft questions

    If you are torn between two cams, they say always go with the smaller one. You may have noticed that nobody recommended a cam with more than 230* of duration at 0.050” lift
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    What do I have?

    Just flip the picture and it will fit fine.
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    1967 Imperial Crown Sedan... need fuel sending unit

    Scour the Imperial club website. There’s information on this type of error and how to remedy it.
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    1966 Imperial Odometer

    A member here will soon be coming into several gauge clusters for that era car. He might get a ‘66. Sorry to be cryptic, but it’s not my deal to disclose.
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    Full dual exhaust system

    No engine likes backpressure but all engines love scavenging. A completely open, huge dual exhaust might eliminate scavenging impulses or make some other harmonic change. What if that exhaust has resonance to provide a boost in torque at 5000-6500 rpm? In a low-revving street engine it might...
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    Norm’s Imperial

    You saw the email? Good. He was telling me all sorts of details, but I told him there’s no way I’m remembering all of them. I figured I’d send you both a link to the same folder and you could go over it.
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    Norm’s Imperial

    I went to look at some seats for detmatt today up about a half hour from me. The guy who has them is an Imperialist I’ve met before from the Yahoo! Groups Imperial list, Norm. He’s got a nice original Imperial ‘vert and just got a gorgeous ‘64 Sedan de Ville. If I had off street parking, it...
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    440 Stroker Assembly Ideas

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be insulting. And also, I could very well be wrong. But however it works out, you’re doing it right by clearly identifying what you want, talking about it with a pro and going with his recommendation. You’re going to have an unbelievable engine in that car. No doubt about...
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    440 Stroker Assembly Ideas

    A little late to the party, but I’m not sure I buy the builder’s assertion that his car is going to “easily” make 600 lb-ft. There’s an article I’ve linked elsewhere about a 383 build with a roller cam, MP aluminum heads, Performer RPM intake, and dyno headers. That made torque at about...