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    For Sale Reproducing weather-strips

    Hopefully the NOS patterns have not srunk with age!
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    For Sale Vintage Mopar microfiber towel's

    GM had similar items, too.
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    SOLD 15x7 5x4-1/2 Chrysler road wheels.

    The term "road wheel" usually meant something more than just the normal steel, black, wheels. More generic in nature than many of the terms used in the Mopar arena. The pictured design was a Motor Wheel Corp wheel termed "Magnum 500" by them, which was adpoted in the Mopar and Ford arena as...
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    SOLD 15x7 5x4-1/2 Chrysler road wheels.

    Perhaps the term "road wheels" can have different meanings for different eras of C-body Chryslers?
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    SOLD Rear Window Trim - 69 Fury

    2dr or 4dr? Or are they the same? Thanks, CBODY67
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    For Sale Mopar superseded part #s (Books that have the #s)

    Consider the casting number as a "design" or "engineering" number not used by the parts operations. That way, they could get the same part cast by different vendors, even on different continents, and then use a part number that would identify the source of the part (vendor-related). I noticed...
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    For Sale Mopar superseded part #s (Books that have the #s)

    In many cases, the then-current price books had the most recent changes in the rear section of the price book. GM price books were similar. As I recall, there were more "NS_" numbers than just the most common "NS1". It was amusing when I saw a then-late-model S-10 Blazer with the TX license...
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    For Sale NOS Right 1970-71 New Yorker Fender Rear Molding #3481794

    The angle of the one end would tend to indicate a rh placement, behind the wheel opening, typically. Just some thougths, CBODY67
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    SOLD 66 Hood Ornament

    I always thought those hood ornaments were neat. Didn't show what was under the hood unless you were behind it. CBODY67
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    For Sale 1969 Monaco Grille Emblem

    On the deck lid, which is the only such nameplate on my USA '70 DH43. Only thing on the hood is "DODGE". "MONACO" is in recessed script in the rear doors' wide moulding, too. Which makes three places that "MONACO" is on the outside body of a '70 4-dr USA Monaco DH43. FWIW Is there a casting...
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    For Sale super-light

    No instrument panel trim and related switch?
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    For Sale Hubcaps from a '66 Chrysler Newport

    1971 Town & Country, according to what I found at Which would be 15" wheels. w
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    For Sale Wheel Covers-Extra.

    All but those three "Chrysler" covers should be for 14" wheels. Those "three" might be early enough to be for 15" wheels, I suspect, as I believe they are pre-1955 model year. Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    For Sale NOS and USED C Body Parts Discounted 60-85%

    That's ONE great collection of Chrysler/Mopar Stuff!! CBODY67
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    For Sale 1966 Chrysler New Yorker hubcaps

    Centers held in with a spring "clip". Beautiful centers! CBODY67
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    For Sale Not mine, spinner hubcaps

    Key thing . . . 14"
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    For Sale Not Mine - eBay - Road Wheels for sale in Asheville NC - ends tomorrow

    I was thinking the "color applique" wheels were from the LeBaron and were 15x7s, but these look like 15x6 to me (width of the trim ring). That one picture looks good and the price is very agreeable, for the condition. CBODY67
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    For Sale Parts fitment question

    In general, the issue of power or manual windows is probably not an issue for the glass. I suspect the mounting holes in the bottom will be the same, one way or another. The front run channel retainers and "slide" should be the same too, I suspect. Where the main difference could be is that...