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    1966 Chrysler Newport Instrument cluster

    The speedo cables turns the rear speed cup on the speedometer, which is connected via some small gears to the basic odometer. Then the trip odometer runs off of the main odometer, as I recall. So, if the odometer is working at all and the speedometer needle is steady, with no noises, you...
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    New guy here

    Blowing sand can still sift in past the window lower seals, which collects at the bottom of the door inards, which can get wet and stay that way long enough for inner rust to happen, over the years. Moreso in the Abliene and west areas than in the major metro areas, though. Of course, the...
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    New guy here

    Congrats and best of luck in saving it "to drive another day"! When done, it should make a nice "drive-around" car that is spacious, comfortable, and reasonably economical to operate. Presuming it is a 318 TF car, from the looks of it? Enjoy! CBODY67
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    I found a Color and Trim catalog at for 1964 cars (which might be similar to your 1962 for content?). Convertible 1964 Newports had "vinyl and vinyl" interiors. One vinyl for the edges and then a patterned vinyl for the insert/seating area. Might verify using the...
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    Back then, I suspect that all convertibles had vinyl interior as standard equipment. Cloth insert seats in an "open car" would probably have not had very good durability, I suspect. Leather would have been on the Letter Cars and New Yorkers, either way.
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    years of Chryslers

    I believe that Forward Look started in 1955, as I recall, with the "new genration" styling. Coil spring front suspensions, as torsion bar front suspensions started in 1957. 1955-56 Chryslers were popular with Hollywood movies, which was pretty neat. Welcome aboard, CBODY67
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    Need a gas tank for the 65 NYer

    Phase Separation (moisture + ethanol) sinks to the bottom, just as accumulated moisture would anyway. Only thing is that some fuel additives made the accumulated moisture "usable" rather than not, so it would be burned with the gasoline. Phase Separation can't be done that way, just...
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    Rear window Gasket for a C body 1967 Plymouth Fury VIP fast back

    I believe that the FastTop rear window was the first "glue-in" rear glass that Chrysler used? Glass shop quaity urethane window sealer (caulking gun applied) works well. Might be some rubber blocks to hold the glass from being installed "too far down" in its location? Be prepared to find some...
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    Vin locations on a 65 Fury

    Rather, VINs which are covered up by other things? Like the coolant sticker on the core support and the deck lid weatherstrip near the rear window's bottom? Not full VINs, but the "sequence number" part of the VIN?
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    Just as a suspicion, probably C-body from 1965-1968? As they all used the same power brake boosters in those model years of C-body cars. 1969 and newer would be different as would 1964 and prior, as they were different body series/generations. Just some suspicions, CBODY67
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    trunk switch

    Do you believe your car to have one or desiring to add one?
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    Rocker Trim?

    The fact that the pinchweld areas are body color is indicative of the fact the car has been repainted. In production, those areas were covered, somewhat haphazzardly (brush or speray gun), with satin black paint to hide them better. So,careful application of some satin black spray enamel would...
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    Rocker Trim?

    Welcome to the realm of C-body Chrysler vehicles! That rocker panel molding is something that was available when the cars were younger, but with no sales, when the then-remaining stock was sold or liquidated, no more were produced by Chrysler. When the NOS ones were around, no demand for them...
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    "67 Plymouth Fury III rear brake drums question ??

    BEST thing to do is to check the Chrysler parts books at rather than completely trust any vendor's catalog listing. UNTIL you find a vendor that is accurate. NOT to forget that brake parts vendors (like Raybestos, Bendix, etc.) all have online catalogs, too. After you look at...
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    "67 Plymouth Fury III rear brake drums question ??

    The drop down menus of all of the recent parts look-up databases have an engine designation in them. IF you are wondering about what might be correct, consult the FSM for your car and also the '67 Chrysler Parts Book. Both free downloads at . Just match the items on your...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Reverse engagement time varies? On the older TFs, when starting from cold, then immediately shifting into "R", there will be some lag before the car moves, generally. Something about torque converter partially draining-back into the oil pan? When hot after driving, that same lag will be...
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    One of those weeks... 1965 Chrysler

    Bad/deteriorated grounds can cause many unusual electrical things to happen, by observation. Wasn't there something about '65 TFs having issues with a "reverse blocker valve" that could cause "R" to not engage? Just some thoughts, CBODY67
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    1968 NewYorker Shock absorbers

    Monroe was the supplier of record for Chrysler shocks, pre-1982 or so. Chrysler Parts and OEM production. Other than the High Control shocks, the main thing on a/c cars was the rear springs, from I could tell from my research. Factory a/c cars had the stiffer front torsion bars already, as...
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    New steering issue. 68 Newport

    By observation, "bad language" might make you feel better, but it does NOT help anything. We had one young tech that had a bad habit of throwing tools across the floor and saying "words". Until the senior tech working next to him stopped one of his sliding wrenches (across the floor) and sent...
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    New steering issue. 68 Newport

    Just go to and download and save the appropriate FSM file . . . no disc drive required. You were trying to do everything right, which is great, but in this case, ANY time that housing is moved or removed, the issues you have will happen. I know it sounds crazy, but in this...