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    Can you help a Small block Chevy guy understand a 1962 Chrysler 413 with cross-ram manifold? - compression and pump gas?

    The long ram brake booster is the same as any other car. The difference is the screw on plate with the hose fitting, it is bent to the center of the car instead of straight.
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    WANTED 68 Polara TRW Power steering pump

    What does the end of the shaft look like? Doe it have a smooth end A Slot end Or a hex end? This will change the diameter of the pulley and the diameter of the can that covers it all. Possibly a different shaft diameter, But I'm not sure on that.
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    Can you help a Small block Chevy guy understand a 1962 Chrysler 413 with cross-ram manifold? - compression and pump gas?

    The standard Chrysler 300 1960-1961 long ram 413 with 375 HP engines had hydraulic lifters and stamped steel rocker arms. A dual point can be installed in any engine at any time. Don't assume the carbs are set up correctly, few of them are, especially aftermarket Edelbrocks. Plugs can be...
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    '66 C body production info aka "How many?"

    Awesome info thanks for posting. Do you have any of this for 1967?
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    Could use some immediate help on cam timing

    All is normal, proceed to line up the marks and replace timing set. When marks are as instructions say the engine is not ready to fire #1, it is firing on #6.
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    A Wrapup of Goodbye and Good Riddance

    Congrats! Sounds like your car is doing much better now. Your car should drive great now, maybe the toe is off? What size and type of wheels and tires are on it now? Don't commpare an old car to a late model car with rack and pinion steering and variable rate springs.
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    1965 Imperial 413 Valve Covers

    1960-64 The right bank is the tight one so even numbered cylinders. But the rocker arm position won't matter, the hold down bolt that is the highest thing under the cover, and those don't move up or down with engine rotation. Here is a 61 Chrysler with AC, this one came off with very little...
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    1965 Imperial 413 Valve Covers

    Probably. I can do it on a 60-62 Chrysler with factory A/C. I'm not fully familiar with imperial but they porobably have the same room there. It would be to their advantage for the 5/50 warranty to have those covers come off easily.
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    Big block damper install

    Please, No heat or anti sieze on the damper. Put it on clean and dry. No oil, lube, paint or grit.
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    Ride Height............,Again

    Different size tires will change the measurement to the fender, so will rear suspension height, or amout of weight inside car or fuel tank. Make sure the upper and lower control, arm bolts are loosened so the height change doesn't stress the bushings. Tighten those bolts when car is on the...
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    Opinion Needed

    #3 Can you get a piece from under the seat that hasn't been in the sun or gotten dirty? Carpet will fade lighter, so starting with a color too light is backwards.
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    Carb for 383 4bbl

    I like original carbs, look at yours. Everything fits, the stock choke is all in place. No "making it fit" on the throttle or trans linkage, etc. Edelbrock with electric choke is not an upgrade.
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    383 Intake install

    if you chase the threads on the intake bolt holes better to remove the valve covers and catch all the "debris" that comes out of those bolt holes. They are open to the insode of the engine buy the pushrods. The valley pan won't rust it is coated. It will rust if the car is out in the weather...
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    Correct Wheel Studs etc.?

    How did you remove the old studs? Did you cut the swedge off first? If not you may have ruined the hub and that's why the stud is loose.
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    Dubious Trunk Repairs on ‘66

    Most all those areas are where the factory had seam sealer.
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    What is a Sport Fury III, or a Sports Fury?

    I see folks posting these car models, show me an emblem that says Sports Fury or a car with Sport Fury III on it anyplace. So then the last photos comes up, looks just as hoakey as the add on side trim.
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    Rear Axle Bearing Noise

    The 1970 service manual says the end play should be between .008 and .018 So 0.0050 Or .005 is too tight.
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    NOT MINE 1972 2 Door Parts Car

    Not according to the fender tag.
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    The elusive parts identification begins!

    Late to the party This car had two of those mounting plates doubled up inside the door! So now I have a spare.
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    1958 Plymouth Hubcaps - What is a fair price? Why so hard to find?

    1958 was bad economy. Sales were down alot over 1957. August 1957 was the start of production of 1958 cars. The Recession Of 1957-1958 (Eisenhower Recession) - Recession Tips