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  1. pomonamissel

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    yes in deed , that's my picture pattern for when i make my 65 880 rag into an rb and a 4spd with 66 300 bucket seat .
  2. pomonamissel

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    here everything from a 66 c body .
  3. pomonamissel

    440 in a ‘65 Sport Fury

    if your crank is not drilled deep enough , you can use the jeep needle bearing , it going in the end of the crank . but you will need to cut some off the trans input shaft so it won't run into the crank hole end .
  4. pomonamissel

    440 in a ‘65 Sport Fury

    does that rb440 block have the two lugs tapped on it's left front , for your drivers side motor mount ?
  5. pomonamissel

    1967 Chrysler 300 bought for and owned by Walter P Chrysler's granddaughter

    yes the under hood is body color , i've had a few 67 300 rags . all are body color as we can all see .
  6. pomonamissel

    1967 Chrysler 300 bought for and owned by Walter P Chrysler's granddaughter

    i've got it's twin 67 300 rag in process now , how cool is that .
  7. pomonamissel

    1961 wagon- prayers for front disc conversion

    well i'm going to try 75 c bodies spindles and discs on my 64 300c . i think these might work on your setup too . you must use a 15'' rim on these brakes .
  8. pomonamissel

    This Big-Block Plymouth Fury Used to Be a Moonshine Runner

    when i bought my first mopar , all i could see was that big motor under that wrecked nose , and it was buckets console with a 4spd stick it was up against a fence , you could only guess what car was under that wrecked mess . turned out tobe a 66 sat commando 383 4spd 8 3/4 3.23 ls with red line...
  9. pomonamissel

    Rear wheels

    these are 15x8's and 275/60x15 all the way around . we needed to do a slight mod to the skirts to get them to latch . this is my 67 300 with 60's vintage american torq thrusts 15x8.5 with 245/60x15's on the rear . but i change the rear end out for a 66 67 b body one to help with the 1.25 pos off...
  10. pomonamissel

    New tires and wheels for my 66 New Yorker

    this 66 300 had 15x8's with 275/60x15 on it , needed to do a small mod to the skirt
  11. pomonamissel

    New member from Northern California

    67 300 rag with budd disc's
  12. pomonamissel

    New member from Northern California

    well thats not the only thing thats special about the budd disc brakes , the rim itself is special to clear those giant calipers .
  13. pomonamissel

    Starter gap 318

    i've bent and broken the starter nose on those before . is yours okay ? if so , maybe the nose is getting held out from plunging into that stop in the bell housing of your trans , and i note a thin bracket under your starter mounting , should that be there ? i think it should be on the starter...
  14. pomonamissel

    What is your daily driver?

    dads300 thats a one year grille in my 61 , dodge changed it to this grille in 62 . and then another change , ect
  15. pomonamissel

    What is your daily driver?

    61 d200 flatbed /6 4spd just turned 90k . it's straight forward and simple , and it works n plays well with others , lol .
  16. pomonamissel

    What's the $$Point of no Return??

    well 67 300 rags are not bringing the money now , and will not ever bring what the earlier letter car 300's do . as far as rags go in the 300 line it's near the most made , the tnt 440 model doesn't reach the money either . i've owned 4 67 300 rags , two tnt models and two reg 440's . i've still...