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  1. Gerald Morris

    Meet Gertrude: the Newest Morris Mopar, 1968!

    As hinted, I now can thank my Lord it came to pass. Today, we purchased a 1968 Chrysler Newport convertible! It drove after the seller got her off his buddy's trailer, but RAN horribly! Since the man had warned me about this symptom and possible cause, I took it all in good cheer, already...
  2. Gerald Morris

    How Different is a 1968 Newport from a 1966?

    Greetings Moparians! In the interest of QUICKLY GETTING A DRIVER back on the streets, my wife and I have found a VERY attractive 1968 Newport, which, with God's blessing, we will have clear title to before Friday. the lack of a downloadable FSM on dismays me a little, but I see...
  3. Gerald Morris

    Mathilda, Our Lovely 66 Newport, Wantonly DESTROYED by a Gen Xcrement Sociopath!

    Even now, over 2.5 days after the crime, I grieve and rage for the BEST automobile God ever permitted me to own and drive, our 1966 Chrysler Newport, lovingly called "Mathilda" by all in my little family. All this summer, I've dreaded some tragedy, with good reason. Monday, September 13, at...
  4. Gerald Morris

    Mathilda's 5th Anniversary with Familiarum Mauritius!

    5 years ago today, I drove home our 1966 Chrysler Newport 2 door hard top, purchased with money from an insurance payment for some fool totaling our 1988 Oldsmobile Ciera. This proved to be a MOST blessed answer to my prayers for a GOOD family car. So, on March 10, 2016, I exchanged $1400 for...