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  1. Bryan

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    I haven't been on for a while and don't think I posted, so here's my Chrysler... and one of my greatest treasures, my oldest Grand Daughter.
  2. Bryan

    For Sale 1967 Chrysler 300 - $6000

    The pictures look more like an attempt at "magazine art" than a classified ad. I'm not interested in door handles, window trim and emblems. I wanna see the body, undercarriage, interior, trunk and engine bay.
  3. Bryan

    I will be part of the non-working masses after next week.

    I am officially retiring on 1 August. Gonna be a official gubment leech after supporting them for 44 years.
  4. Bryan

    For Sale Hit and miss engine oilers

    This kind of thing is both neat and interesting.
  5. Bryan

    License Plate Collection

    No Patrick, the only old Oklahoma I have is a '24. All the others are newer. I'll keep an eye out though.
  6. Bryan

    Saying goodbye to Dad

    Prayers for you all. Your Dad, sounds a bit like mine. He was born in 1932 in Muskegon, Michigan. My grandma, Dad and his younger brother and sister lost my Grandpa in 1937 to silicosis from working in a Continental engine plant . Dad started to roam around the state with his best friend Duane...
  7. Bryan

    License Plate Collection

    All that are restored. A lot of them (mostly the South Dakota ones) were done years ago when I first started and didn't know what I was doing, They were also in really bad shape and show it. They came out a lot better as time went on and I learned how to prep, repair and paint. Here's some as...
  8. Bryan

    License Plate Collection

    A few more pictures including some of my North Dakota plates. The Blue and white X plate next to the 1916 Wisconsin is a 1934-35 New Zealand.
  9. Bryan

    License Plate Collection

    Here is one of those soybean cardboard license plates from the war. Illinois 1944.
  10. Bryan

    License Plate Collection

    Like the 49 Oklahoma!!!
  11. Bryan

    License Plate Collection

    OHHHHHHHHH you don't want to know..... but here's some... Probably a 1943-48 Illinois license plate. They were made out of pressed soybean board. Several other states like Arkansas and Montana tried that too during the war.
  12. Bryan

    Any reliability issues?

    They are generally pretty reliable if well maintained and treated right. Some areas that have occasional problems -valve lifters, camshaft (if lifters seize) (mainly on 06-12 trucks I think - early years of the multi displacement system), exhaust manifold studs breaking (most years of 5.7 and...
  13. Bryan

    For Sale Wisconsin '62 300 4 door on CL for $3750

    Its had at least one "quick" respray. There's quite a bit of overspray on the A/C lines and some on the door webbing. But it doesn't look bad at all.
  14. Bryan

    Intake Manifold Silencer Insulation Kit

    I always thought the main reason for the insulator was to help deaden lifter noise. Even Mopar called it a Valve Tappet Noise Reduction Silencer Package. Heat insulation was secondary.
  15. Bryan

    For Sale 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca 4 Dr.Sedan $4500 (I know another one)

    Not is it a rare first edition--- It is also a retired edition-- you can put it in a plastic bag and store it away with your retired beanie bears...