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  1. Gerald Morris

    Who makes the closest modern substitute to the Mopar 2660518 muffler?

    Noticing how the huge, wonderful old muffler on Gertrude is dented, I think about replacing it. I looked up the number of the original, and found one at Hilltop for an obscene price, as usual with them. I also have seen a number of offerings by Walker which look close to the right proportions...
  2. Gerald Morris

    Will a purpose made dual exhaust for a '67 C body work on a '66?

    Greetings All, Got a nice discount offer from an ePay vendor on the following: 1967 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER, NEWPORT & 300 DUAL EXHAUST SYSTEM, ALUMINIZED | eBay Before I bite, I want to know if this can be put on my '66 Newport sans B.S. issues. I like Waldron myself, but if this stuff is...