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  1. Gerald Morris

    My Cure for the Summer Time Blues, Tranny Cooler + GOOD Copper Radiator

    As many of you doubtless have seen, I found a second 2524984 radiator this past March, entirely without prior intent while extolling the merits of this particular radiator AND its rarity to my Better Half. So, I snapped it up instantly, then had it rodded and sealed. As the solstice drew nigh...
  2. Gerald Morris

    What are your favorite brands for heater cores and blower motors? I'm going to want both soon.

    Seasons' Greetings Moparians! Gertrude's blower motor came back to reluctant life only a month after we started driving her last Fall, though the core then held up and served us. This week, in addition to other aggravations, I noticed the unmistakable smell of hot glycol solution and narrowed...
  3. Gerald Morris

    Runs TOOOO Hot for my Liking!

    Greetings Moparians, By now many of you have seen Gertrude, the 1968 convertible Newport that Chrysler apparently hastily cobbled together for export. Given how she came with a VERY OLD 115VAC plug-in coolant heater pump, I suspect this car saw duty at those latitudes above 45 degrees North...
  4. Gerald Morris

    Spring Seasonal Cooling System Notes; Maintenance and Upgrades

    Hot town, summer in the city Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty Been down, isn't it a pity Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city All around, people looking half-dead Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head --John Sebastian, Mark Sebastian & Steve Boone, 07/04/1966 Urban...
  5. Gerald Morris

    How much OIL cooling is cost effective to an Arizona Urbanite?

    The glacier on the Upper Santa Cruz River has melted on schedule here in the Old Pueblo, so once again, I ponder how to better cool my miraculously good old 383 and its other drive train constituents with 100+ Fahrenheit temperatures now prevailing for the next 4 to 5 months. My Cold Case...
  6. Gerald Morris

    What's better, the Hayden 2747 or 2797 fan clutch?

    Greetings again Moparians! Now that I've got my shiny new Cold Case radiator, the NEXT item to upgrade is my fan. I bought and ran a Hayden 2707 last spring, but removed it just over a month ago and returned for the time being to my 6 blade straight steel fan to insure that plenty air is being...
  7. Gerald Morris

    Best water pump for a B block in the desert?

    Greetings Moparians! I'm confronting again the issue of pulling and replacing the water pump housing on Mathilda before the worst of the summer heat comes on, and figure if I should upgrade the pump itself, THIS is THE time for it. I've been reading and have found that the aluminum housing I...