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  1. TWR

    Tire size question for my '66

    Hankook offers Whitewalls.
  2. TWR

    anybody know a good 727B rebuilder in the New England area?

    FNA Transmissions , Wakefield MA They did the rebuild on my 66 Polara. Its perfect. They are a first class operation. 781-245-5556 Ask for Mike.
  3. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    I had replied to this thread a while ago. I had purchased 1/2 quarter panels but wasn't sure where. I came across some papers the other day, I got them from Nor-Am.
  4. TWR

    Parts for 1966 dodge polara convertible

    Do you still need a right side eyebrow moulding? I think I have one but I won't be home until Tuesday.
  5. TWR

    Re-installed radio won't work

    Does the radio light up when you turn on the headlights? That's another way to see if you have power. Then check the speaker connection.
  6. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    I remembered the wheel covers but I couldn't think of what else you bought.
  7. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    No problem at all. I don't know if you remember but I think you bought some wheel covers and maybe a couple of other thing from me last summer.
  8. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    I didn't have a problem with anyone's replies. We all know how hard it is to find parts, there aren't really enough C bodies for companies to bother making stuff for them. I was just trying to help the guy with finding some trunk extensions without having to wait for Carlisle.
  9. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    Back about 5 years when I was trying to find stuff for my car I was stunned to find out how little was offered for C bodies. I went to site after site only to find they just catered to A, B, and E bodies. I thought it was going to be easy, it wasn't.
  10. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    Sorry I really didn't mean to provoke anyone. I bought trunk extensions , quarter patch panels, fuel tank and rear bumper for my 66 Polara back in 2013-2014. I could find the purchase records but I thought something was from AMD. These are listed on EBAY if it helps. 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969...
  11. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    Have you tried AMD
  12. TWR

    Lets Play A Game: Last Of The Convertibles

    Dec 10 is correct
  13. TWR

    Lets Play A Game: Last Of The Convertibles

    The model changer over in that era was August 1. The last cars of the model year would be built in the first two weeks of July. The assembly plants all closed for retooling for the new model year in the last two weeks of July. All the production workers got the same exact vacations. Two weeks in...
  14. TWR

    Comment by 'TWR' in item 'Our '66 Polara 500 Ragtop'

    I have one of those too. Good luck with it. I will be worth the effort.
  15. TWR

    WANTED Trunk floor and extensions 67 newport

    Have you tried AMD ?
  16. TWR

    Hard finding parts

    I have some parts for a 1966. Take a look at my old posts for parts, there are two I think. Most of the pieces are still available.