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  1. twostick

    I am at a Crossroads

    Don't know what part of Mexico you are headed for but a buddy of mine winters in Mazatlan and drives down from Moose Jaw every year and trailers his motorcycle with him. You could Uhaul trailer it close to your crossing point then drive it the rest of the way and then fly that short hop back to...
  2. twostick

    NOT MINE NOT MINE - 1966 Fury III 383, 4 speed WITH FACTORY AC for sale

    As soon as I saw that, I thought he had to be a Rambler guy but when I looked it up, the term is Twin Grip which in Advertising Speak would be the way to go. Spin bad, Grip good. Kevin
  3. twostick

    Which AC compressor. RV2 or Sandon on my 66 New Yorker

    Define compressor is no longer working. Doesn't turn/seized up/rod stuck out the side or clutch doesn't engage? If it's low on, or out of freon, it won't engage the clutch. Unless it was run out of freon and oil or has a million miles on it, those compressors are about as bulletproof as they...
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    WANTED Looking for an imperial

    It's my car. Kevin
  5. twostick

    WANTED Looking for an imperial

    Eastern Ontario. Kevin
  6. twostick

    WANTED Looking for an imperial

    This one could be had but it's a good bit better than a project. A 44k mile Time Capsule/Survivor that needs a trip to the Detail Shop and the nylon Safety 99 Motomaster bias ply tires swapped for some new radials. Original L84 size spare still in the trunk. Kevin
  7. twostick

    727 trans pan gasket that doesn't leak??

    My Dad's 75 Gran Fury had a 360/904 and I suspect if the Heavy Duty/Tow Package box didn't get checked on the order sheet, most SB C's got the 904. The one in my Dad's GF was out 3 or 4 times under warranty and the 904 in the 69 Belvedere that preceded it probably twice that before they...
  8. twostick

    727 trans pan gasket that doesn't leak??

    The correct fill tube Oring is actually flat sided, not round. The hardware store round profiled rings pretty much always leak, sometimes worse than the original worn out square profile ones do. Kevin
  9. twostick

    727 trans pan gasket that doesn't leak??

    I've rarely seen a pan leaking that loose bolts wasn't the reason. I've lost count of the number of leaking fill tube Orings that drool into the pan rail that make it look like the pan is leaking... Selector/kickdown shaft seals are a close second. Kevin
  10. twostick

    The wanderer

    My understanding is you dial in as much + caster as it will give you first and then hope to have some left when you set camber and toe. It's not unheard of for caster to go negative after setting camber to spec. I think to keep these boats centered up requires a lot more caster than spec'd...
  11. twostick

    Who's in the eclipse zone?

    George Carlin sure had it right when he said stupid people in large groups are dangerous... Kevin The hole in the ozone has been there in varying degrees from the beginning. Kevin
  12. twostick

    Who's in the eclipse zone?

    Our house is in the path so all we had to do was go out the back door but we went to the PDRA East Coast Nationals in Benson NC this weekend. We're in Myrtle Beach playing tourist today. It won't be a total eclipse here, but it was snowing when we left Thursday so I'm good with 76% and...
  13. twostick

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY.

    Almost the same mileage as my 71. Kevin
  14. twostick

    Ever see brake booster like this?

    Found this Googling that. lol Kevin
  15. twostick

    Ever see brake booster like this?

    Ferrari 250. Kevin
  16. twostick

    Ever see brake booster like this?

    That looks like a HydraVac type unit from something European. They didn't call it Power Brakes over there, it was Servo Assist or something. What is it on? Kevin
  17. twostick

    318 freeze plug 1968 Plymouth fury III

    If that's a small block, do not put the trans back in without first replacing the the freeze plugs in front of the flex plate. DAMHIK... Kevin
  18. twostick

    Won't Stop Cranking

    If it's an OEM type conversion, a lot of the Chineseum "Orange" boxes are notoriously unreliable. Work when cold but die when hot with miraculous recovery once cold again is a recurring theme. I believe the OEM one needs switched 12v to the box, so if it's on the + side of the coil, it will not...
  19. twostick

    1964 New Yorker gets 1978 Cordoba 11.75-disc brakes.

    Give Nigel a call. He show both left and right. Cdn $ 1969-73 C Body Left Hand Caliper-Rebuilt – National Mo-Parts Kevin
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    Trust but verify... lol Kevin