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    1970 Fury III.......The next chapter

    I like the whiteboard. I need to get a bigger one. Oh, and good work too!
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    Friday tunes..

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    Coolest thing(s) I've seen in awhile.

    This car was originally commissioned by Carroll Shelby as a potential successor to the Ford GT40. Power was provided by a Shelby American prepped Boss 302 V8, which produced 250 hp. It’s believed that just one example was ever built - De Tomaso Mangusta Shelby MkV
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    Heavy Metal

    Why does the An-225 have such a strange empennage with a huge, swept back double tail? The An-225 has a very distinctive empennage, or tail section, that consists of a huge, swept-back double tail with an oversized horizontal stabilizer. The empennage of the An-225 was redesigned from the single...
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    New Member, New Polara

    Maybe it’s the Arkenstone? ;^)
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    Disc brake conversion kits

    I had the rear axle flex hose in my 65 Mustang fail, before I had installed a dual chamber master cylinder. I rear ended a Subaru. What a helpless feeling! The issue was that I hadn’t routed the flex line best, and it was rubbing on the exhaust when the suspension was compressed. I have since...
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    Epic Whoops thread.

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    So you don't have $2,000 to get your steering wheel restored.......but, do you have $65 and reasonable expectations?

    good out of the box thinking for a reasonable, tasteful solution!
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    Death in the family

    Sorry about your loss. My mom passed in January of 2023. I spent more memorable time with my mom during the last 20 months of her life after my now wife and I brought her back to South Dakota than I did in 25 years in Kalifornia, when I lived 20 minutes away. Remember the good times.
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    New Member, New Polara

    You’re figuring it out! Good sleuthing! We’re continuing to watch with encouragement!
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    I am at a Crossroads

    Drive it, until you don’t enjoy it anymore.
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    Disc brake conversion kits

    You should have some slack all of the way through the suspension travel. The hose is too short.
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    Disc brake conversion kits

    That looks stretched tight…
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    Heavy Metal

    The aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), USS George H W Bush (CVN-77), USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) are in port at Naval Station Norfolk, which is the world's largest naval station, December 2012.
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    What are you working on today??

    Washed up Shamu, vacuumed and adjusted the headlights for taking my bride out for Mother’s Day with her eldest son, wife and two grandchildren.
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    What are you working on today??

    My cousin and I moved the 2 car garage to his place. Everything went extremely well. Yay!
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    Nose Art

    The Flying Fish Company Convair CV-880 "N8493H". Initially built for TWA - Trans World Airlines in 1962 and registered as "N813TW" the plane wasn't taken up and was sold to Hughes Tool Company in May 1962 - keeping the registration number. From August 1963 till January 1968 the Convair was...
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    Maciek1 -->1973 Imperial

    Fabulous work on the upholstery! I am glad you are enjoying the car!
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    Little baby boy on the way!

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    Need advice for improving brake performance on my 1963 300 Pacesetter

    Something isn’t right. You need to do some more digging and inspecting. The lead on the booster is a good one… maybe you also need to get some new shoes and send some love to the brake mechanisms, including the wheel cylinders.