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  1. i_taz

    Speedo gear o ring

    How many do you have left..... =) I found something here but they can't verify what is shown is what I'll get. It's confusing because the same description is used on more than 1 seal...
  2. i_taz

    Speedo gear o ring

    Hi all, Does anyone has a source for the speedo cable o-ring going into the holder or will a generic one work with the tranny fluid...??? Jack
  3. i_taz

    My New Preferred Whitewalls for C Bodies

    Anybody familar with these guys...???
  4. i_taz

    Exhaust hangers

    I was admiring the nice job that was done when the dual exhaust was put on even the bump in the tailpipe exit but then I saw the original hanger on the passenger side and then the way the use solid plates on the drivers.... Not good. Can't find them and this isn't a good pic but if you know...
  5. i_taz

    Update from Quirey Quality Design on Washer Bottles for Fuselage Cars

    If your looking to broaden your horizons the formal year cars weren't so bad... :)
  6. i_taz

    Interchangeable floor pans?

    What other models could I scavenge.... Any other c-body coupe from 74-78 ?
  7. i_taz

    Interchangeable floor pans?

    Hi all, Searching around this seemed like as good a reason to resurrect this old thread since I'm in need of some advice for a '77 New Yorker 2 dr. The floor is rotted from the front flr brace, before the front seat, back along the sill to the body mount. That's what has me worried....
  8. i_taz

    71 New Yorker restoration finally complete

    How's this even possible...?!? A 'Cuda ya... now that parts are a catalog away but this is an achievement...!