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    Engine run stand, which flywheel?

    I've got a fresh 440 engine i want to fire up on an engine run stand. It's internally balanced. I've also got an empty 727 case I'm going to use behind it , for something to mount the starter to. The starter is a new early 90s style mini starter (like used on a dakota). Now a flywheel. Do i...
  2. A38E86D32

    440/727 Flexplate?

    I'm at a bit of a dilemma here fellas. I have a fully rebuilt engine and transmission. Car of subject is my '71 Fury 4 dr sedan. Engine dyno'd at 410 horsepower, trans has 22-2400 stall converter, shift kit, rear is 3.23s. I purchased an ATP flexplate with the correct 6 bolt crank, 10" spaced...
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    72' imperial 440 to 71' HP spec

    Hey guys, My 71' troop car lost it's original 440HP engine long ago. It's since been replaced by a 72' imperial 440. The engine runs OK, just doesn't have the grunt I'm told the original mill had. Even though it's not the correct dated block, I'd like to build it to 71' HP spec. I'm thinking...
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    71' police package rear pinion ???

    Hey guys, My plymouth has the 8 3/4 rear with 489 case. I think its a 3.23 open. Is it a fine spline or coarse spline pinion? I know there were two types for the 489 case. Just wondering what ot SHOULD be... Thanks
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    71' plymouth fury 440, what rear gear?

    Hey fellas, I have a 71' fury 3 four door sedan police package , i had a 440 built for it. Motor dynoed 415hp at 4900 rpm and max torque 488ftlbs @ 3400rpm. Using the lunati voodoo 60302 cam. NOT drag racing the car, just want decent pull out of the hole. Would 3.23s be good? Thanks!