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  1. jrdudeman

    For Sale Brake Drum Puller Blue Point Snap on Tool

    Available for $110.00 plus $15,00 shipping
  2. jrdudeman

    WANTED 1962 Chrysler Fender trim

    try jc auto restoration in lynnwood wa
  3. jrdudeman

    For Sale Brake Drum Puller Blue Point Snap on Tool

    For Sale - The best old brake drum puller you can get. This is a Blue Point Snap on three leg drum puller for the old tapered axle drums on vintage Mopar and other vehicles. This is the best and most solid puller. Shows some wear and use as it should. Good used condition. $125.00 plus $16.00...
  4. jrdudeman

    JFK Funeral Limo 1964 Imperial

    Picture of the 1960 Imperial Ghia Limo my dad owned in the late 1980's to late 1990's. It was dark blue. It was a great car. We never knew the real history of the car, but it did have the same body configuration as the Kennedy 1960 Ghia limo.
  5. jrdudeman

    If you could have

    1962 Imperial convertible, black, black top, maroon leather, loaded.
  6. jrdudeman

    SOLD Book The Plymouth and DeSoto Story Don Butler 1978 Crestline

    Great book. The Plymouth and Desoto Story. Hardcover Book by Don Butler, 1978 Crestline Books. Great lightly used condition. About 410 pages. Great book showing all years of Desoto and Plymouth models etc from Pre- Chrysler era (1929) up to 1978. Hundreds of photos, data specs, information...
  7. jrdudeman

    SOLD Book 70 Years of Chrysler 1974 George Dammann Crestline Books

    Great Book, 70 Years of Chrysler, 382 pages of information, photos, data production figures etc from 1904 to 1970, Very nice clean condition book, hardcover. English language George Dammann Crestline Books $25.00, plus $5.00 shipping by USPS media mail in USA.
  8. jrdudeman

    WANTED 1958 Plymouth Fury/Belvedere 14" Hub caps

    I know I have a set in Seattle, Wa but I am still organizing from a recent relocation and I cannot find them right now. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the set.
  9. jrdudeman

    For Sale 1967 1968 Fury VIP Park Lights Plymouth

    For Sale - Nice used complete pair of park light housings and nice original lenses and pigtails. Lenses look nice, no cracking or breaks. part number on housing 2606584 and 2606585 $37.00 plus $12.00 shipping in USA. Or pick up in Bellingham WA
  10. jrdudeman

    Evil Bay Rant

    You are incorrect in calling it an Ebay rant. You can rant about the seller you purchased this from (wow check their feedback first before buying) . It's wrong of you to imply that all sellers misrepresent their products and are scammers. My rant over!
  11. jrdudeman

    Fenderskirt ID Help Slab Side ?

    Can anyone ID these skirts. They were found with a bunch of C-Body stuff, but I can't figure out what car they fit. Thanks for any assistance. Jim Jr
  12. jrdudeman

    For Sale Poly 318 Valve Cover Gaskets NORS

    FOR SALE - 318 Poly Valve Cover Gaskets NORS New Old Repro stock. Made in USA. These have been sitting on a back shelf of my garage for 35 years. See label in photo for application. Plymouth - Dodge 318 1960 -66, Dodge Truck 1961 - 1966 There are two pairs of neoprene gaskets. Gaskets are...
  13. jrdudeman

    For Sale 1974 & 1968 Imperial Operator Owner Manual

    For Sale - Nice used original operator's manual for 1974 Imperial, includes original white vinyl sleeve. Decent used condition, shows some minor wear, but good item for the glove box. Also, Nice used original operator's manual for 1968 Imperial, includes original dark blue vinyl sleeve...
  14. jrdudeman

    SOLD 1970 Chrysler Owner Operator Manual

    For Sale - Nice used original operator's manual for 1970 Chrysler, all models, 300, Newport, New Yorker. Decent used condition, shows some minor wear, but good item for the glove box. $18.00 dollars shipped to USA
  15. jrdudeman

    SOLD 1964 Imperial Convertible Top Frame

    I'm not sure, like I said this thing is buried behind lots of other stuff. I'll take a better look and pull it out, but it will be a couple weeks until I get back to where this is stored. As I recall, doesn't a 66 Imperial convert just have one big single chrome latch in the center, or does it...
  16. jrdudeman

    SOLD 1964 Imperial Convertible Top Frame

    For Sale - Convertible top frame removed for a 1964 Imperial convertible. The imperial convertible was wrecked then parted out approximately 30 years ago. It looks like one of the latches was removed and is gone. If someone needs the frame or part of it, here is your chance. I think the 1964 -...
  17. jrdudeman

    WANTED 1970 300 driver side lower rocker mldg

    seems your inbox may be full. I have a molding in Bellingham, WA
  18. jrdudeman

    WANTED '61 Chrysler Heater Controls

    JC Auto Restoration in Lynnwood WA
  19. jrdudeman

    81=83 efi parts

  20. jrdudeman

    Mopar Show In Phoenix Today

    Great pictures. I was vacationing in AZ for a few days and drove my POS Red Mustang rental car to the show this past Saturday. I don't have my pictures loaded yet. A couple cars that I really liked but aren't pictured were.... Black '67 Hemi GTX, maybe yours??? '67 GTX is one of my favorite...