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    For Sale 1957 58 59 dodge plymouth exhaust tip

    this is a very solid original tip for a 57-9 dodge needs plated or if you like patina your good no rot spots 125$ shipped lower 48
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    SOLD 1957 dodge rear bumper guards maybe 58

    these came off a 57 custom royal rear bumper they are very shiny there are slight bumps very small they are very suitable at 5 ft and beyond if you want them top notch plate them 125$ shipped lower 48
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    SOLD 57/8 plymouth bumper wings

    these are oems fronts are solid with some minor dings rears both have holes about the size of a 1/2 dollar the mounting brackets are on the fronts and rears they will need patched and plated 2700$ includes shipping to lower 48
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    For Sale 57 dodge D500

    this is a semi complete car its missing the hemi. there is a 325 in it was told it ran has original paint has missing trunk floor (rust) quarters are very repairable rockers fairly decent 3500$ obo
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    SOLD 1958 dodge tail light lens nors

    there is a total of 5 all new and in great condition you get all 5 for 55$+ shipping may fit the sweepside truck not sure tho
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    For Sale 1957 dodge trim

    these are from a collection i recently aquirred i had to buy the whole lot to get items i needed these are rechromed and pretty nice not 100% knockout but 85% maybe better all from a 2 door hardtop fin tips at front of quarter for the pair 275$ shipped lower 48 knights badges go on quarters...
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    For Sale 1960 plymouth aero wheel

    This is a very nice 60 aero wheel Hard to find in this nice of shape It needs a good cleaning and polishing 2 small cracks at base Clear is very nice Horn contact rusty Horn bar very decent Pm if interested
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    For Sale 1965 marlin survivor

    This is mine I got it from the 2nd owner in 16 with close to 47k miles on it It currently has 61k It’s all original paint interior chrome 287 auto ps/pb It needs trans seals I had bright idea to change fluid this past summer and the new fluid bypassed the drums seals Short of it trans needs...
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    SOLD 1960 dodge fender skirts new 1961

    These are new foxcrafts they are for a 60 dodge from what I remember will fit the 61 also they have surface rust. Some light some moderate they have the attaching hardware as well 125$+ shipping dont be afraid to make a offer
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    SOLD 1960 desoto tail light

    The pot metal has pits. great core to plate or use as is obviously lens is worthless 85$+ shipping
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    For Sale Rust free 1959 dodge fender

    Drivers side rust free has a few dents off a custom royal will fit all $250+ shipping at your expense willing to meet within 150 mile radius of 44481 for $$
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    For Sale 1958 desoto

    58 firesweep A pretty decent starting point Yes there is some rust. But its not blown away or holes big enough that you could throw a cat thru and not skin it Has the 350. It turn’s supposed to be rebuilt………. Not saying it is or isnt It is missing some things but all available 9k obo Pm me for...
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    For Sale Ambitious project

    61 dodge conv needs major ambition along with numerous parts including needs engine transmission interior metal that the metal mites ate or I may part it 3k obo
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    SOLD 1958 plymouth taillights

    Very nice used set not perfect far from junk comes with extra lens 225$ shipped lower 48
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    For Sale 1956 plymouth door panels

    Have all 4 from a 56 plymouth maybe same as 55?? fairly decent shape 60$ + shipping get them soon they will go on burn pile soon
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    For Sale Trailduster Ramcharger quarter panel

    It’s nos the front section was removed years ago its for the drivers side 175$ + shipping OBO
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    SOLD 65-70 dodge van?A100?head light bezel NOS

    Found under a pile of hubcaps in a barn hoard its nos it’s not a 10 but a good 7 box was toast looks like whats left of a sticker on it a few small issues 65$+ shipping
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    SOLD 61 fury horn bar

    for a areo wheel very decent shape no pits no peppering light scuffs 125$ you pay shipping
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    For Sale 1960 plymouth aero wheels

    1 is a 60 square wheel in decent shape was green painted red flake off with moderate effort $1450 BO shipped lower 48 2nd is a round wheel nice shape was black painted purple comes of with lacquer thinner $1000 BO shipped lower 48
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    For Sale 1965 Marlin survivor

    I have owned this car for 4-5 years? bought it from guy who got it from original owners family. When he got it it had 49k miles on it all original. It now has 55k on it Car has all original paint interior chrome and so forth. There is no rust anywhere on this car. It needs carb attention and...