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  1. Gerald Morris

    C-Body Headers

    What did Plymouth put on it to start with? If a Carter, go with Edelbrock. If Holley, consult them. I suspect two 500 cfm 4 bbl carbs would do plenty for that intake and engine.
  2. Gerald Morris

    C-Body Headers

    The Poly can be made a SUPERB engine, once you understand that the heads are key to the performance on those. I wouldn't touch the engine you're blessed with, for now, but when it's rebuild time, consider adding some stroke and bore to it, to match those canted angle valves....
  3. Gerald Morris

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    Again, we see WHAT made Mopar such a truly forward looking company in that Golden Age. I rejoice in you're saving this machine, and bless your efforts with it.THIS is a GOOD INVESTMENT for Posterity!
  4. Gerald Morris

    Secrets of Chrysler Ram Induction

    An excellent article illustrating, superb, elegant engineering based on solid fluid dynamics applied! Thus Old Mopar bestrode the very razor's edge in innovation AND practical, clean design. No need for Paxton Super Engine Blasters with Applied Bernoulli Equations. As in exhaust headers...
  5. Gerald Morris

    My 60 Plymouth Wagon

    I WANT IT!! I WANT IT NOW! WAH! If you EVER decide to sell it, PLEASE let me know. The Morris Family REALLY CAN use a C-body station wagon. I can always go rob a bank or something.... maybe sell my progeny, or SOMETHING!
  6. Gerald Morris

    Is someone willing to take on a difficult project?

    I'd gladly do it if I had some Good Fairy with plenty kilobuck$ to subsidize the job. That car NEEDS TO BE RESCUED! Well, so do I.... sigh.