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    The Last Street Hemi

    Tim Wellborn owns probably the last one buillt. Which isn't the white one shown here. Big fancy articles are not always right. Here is an article about Tims car and the white one Mystery Solved: Is This Charger The Very Last Hemi Car? - Mopar Connection Magazine | A comprehensive daily...
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    winged cars at Elkart Lake Road America

    father and son AFAIK
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    A RHD 1969 Daytona?

    the RHD conversion was NOT done by Mopar. Car went to Australia as a used car back in the day. Overthere it had to be converted into RHD (being a "modern used car"). Today classic cars, that get importet to Australia don't need to be converted anymore but need to have a certain age (30 years or...
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    Lets see some C Body drag cars!

    in sweden