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    WANTED 1959 Dodge Coronet - parts needed

    if you need the fin insert. i have a set.
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    58 plymouth

    if i keep it. which is open ended now. i will put it together get it running. do brakes gas tank and all that. drive it then if someone has a desoto or dodge conv they want to trade then………………..
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    58 plymouth

    here is the pics of engine bay. the intake and carbs are on work bench. i was told intake was removed to paint and rebuild carbs tonput back on the road
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    58 plymouth

    it is a 350-2/4 car. the guy i got it from pulled the intake?? why no idea he doesnt remember why as to wings myself i dont car for them
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    58 plymouth

    i will this weekend
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    58 plymouth

    exactly. like complete restorations in 1/2 hr as well
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    58 plymouth

    guy i got from bought new ( have sales receipt ) he was a drag racer. raced the car. had a family car was parked
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    58 plymouth

    well i did it again. why?…. and in alll honesty im not a big fan of 57-9 plymouths. but the originality of this car is simply amazing it was parked in 1961. has 15k original miles. only rot is pass qtr in front of tire about the size of a nickel
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    For Sale 65 sales pamplet

    15$+ shipping it has a week then off to the shredder
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    For Sale 1957 58 59 dodge plymouth exhaust tip

    this is a very solid original tip for a 57-9 dodge needs plated or if you like patina your good no rot spots 125$ shipped lower 48
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    SOLD 1957 dodge rear bumper guards maybe 58

    these came off a 57 custom royal rear bumper they are very shiny there are slight bumps very small they are very suitable at 5 ft and beyond if you want them top notch plate them 125$ shipped lower 48
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    For Sale 65 sales pamplet

    very nice shape colors crisp and vibrant not tattered 25$ shipped lower 48 didnt know where to list it saw other paper products here so…….
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    Gas, EV, Hydrogen, Diesel comeback....Which way are we going?

    sea levels rise?? you ever fill a cup up allthe way to the top with ice then put water in it? does it flood the counter?? try it. common sense thing what about nuculer energy. use it in subs aircraft carriers.? o wait we have a whole bunch of new citizens that may use them the wrong way
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    For Sale 1957 dodge trim

    i was quite baffled at that as well. my 57 custom royal did not have them but a 57 custom royal d500 i bought did. those came off of that. my guess is production change/ plant/ improvement. they screwed to the outer eyebrow trim that went down outside of fender. whereas the 57 cr i got had a...
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    For Sale 1957 dodge trim

    knight badges 225$+ shipping
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    Thoughts on the value of a 1959 Dodge Coronet?

    about 4 years ago i found a 59 cornet 4 door. fairly solid 45000 miles. it ran needed brakes. interior was decent. sold it for 3000$ went to germany nobody in this country showed interest. the guy who bought it was estatic to get it. ive found four doors seems noone has interest in them. then i...
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    For Sale 1963 dodge 880

    if you want whole car $450. Come get it. You have to the end of the week
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    SOLD 57/8 plymouth bumper wings

    these are oems fronts are solid with some minor dings rears both have holes about the size of a 1/2 dollar the mounting brackets are on the fronts and rears they will need patched and plated 2700$ includes shipping to lower 48