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  1. Ironwolf

    Looking for suggestions

    SMS Auto Fabrics - The Largest Selection of Classic Auto Interiors
  2. Ironwolf

    Torn between two VIP's

    Both are really sharp looking VIP's !!! :thumbsup: One question, do you have all the lower chrome for the white one ?? in my opinion that is what really sets apart the "VIP" from other Plymouth Fury's even the Sport Fury. In ending, I like the white one better than the maroon one and...
  3. Ironwolf

    I cut out this rusty trunk! ‘68 New Yorker

    Good job !!!!!! nice to see a "YOUNG'N" working on one of these big beauties !!!! Sadly for me it brings back many memories of 1976 :steering: :thumbsup::lol::thumbsup: :steering:
  4. Ironwolf

    69 Belvedere plant (Dodge/Plymouth) info needed

    yes I Sent you a PM...
  5. Ironwolf

    69 Belvedere plant (Dodge/Plymouth) info needed

    I know this one is has a VIN much lower than the 245,XXX that your looking for however where it is a convertible I thought it may help.
  6. Ironwolf

    Backup light adjustment?

    Sounds like the same problem that this article addressees. Good luck .... Reverse lights on while in drive
  7. Ironwolf

    Is a 1968 chrysler marine 440 compatible with 71 monaco??

    One thing that comes to mind is where is the boat engine from ? I see that your in Detroit which leads me to believe it's out of a fresh water lake boat. However was it ever in a east or west coast salt water ? If it was ever a salt water cooled engine I would not even think of using it as we...
  8. Ironwolf

    Finished the exhaust out the back

    Sounds good :steering: ============
  9. Ironwolf

    Does Anyone Know of Any Mopar Events on the East Coast?

    Car Show List 2021 |
  10. Ironwolf

    NOT MINE Red 1969 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible (DM27G9D105073) - Not Mine

    I like ........... B7 Blue Body White roof Platinum interior / Blue dash
  11. Ironwolf

    Happy Holidays

  12. Ironwolf

    For Sale 1969 Plymouth VIP on Face Book

    NOT MINE !!!!! Saw this beauty on Face Book !!!!! Josh Carcione‎ to Plymouth Fury Owners Forsale or trade. 1969 VIP 383 hardtop , 46000 miles . Everything works including the a/c . No rust anywhere , underneath is perfect. Has a tear in drivers seat. Was repainted at one point in...
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    My son

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    Memorial Day

  15. Ironwolf

    Total power loss

    I had a similar intermittent on my 69 Sport Fury vert many many years ago and it ended up being a corroded and burnt connection at my bulkhead connector. I hope this helps .....