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  1. StreetmachineV8

    1965 Dodge Monaco

    Hi, no, stock height - just strapped down to car transporter (but looks good :) )
  2. StreetmachineV8

    Welcome, StreetmachineV8

    I live in Europe, Poland (Bydgoszcz City). In IL i have my postal adress.
  3. StreetmachineV8

    WANTED 1965 Dodge Monaco parts

    Looking for : - trunk emblem - passenger side tail light chrome trim - driver side fender turn signal indicator - passenger side fender trim Thanks Mike
  4. StreetmachineV8

    1965 Dodge Monaco

    Hi, thank you for the welcome :) I own a 1965 Dodge Monaco that is missing some parts but is drivable. Best regards, Mike