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    For Sale 1971 backup lens

    Nice decent lens One small chip Not cracked 15$+ shipping
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    SOLD 1969 outer wheel house nos

    No idea what it’s for It’s 69? 125$+ shipping
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    SOLD 1967 chrome piece

    No idea what it’s for other then it’s lower something Pretty nice used shape 25$+ shipping
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    For Sale 1967 New Yorker turn signal nos

    Try one more time its nice it’s nos its for sale 1 more time if not sold goes to Boy Scouts scrap drive 35$+ shipping
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    SOLD 64 stone guards

    100$ shipped lower 48
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    For Sale 74-8 Chrysler headlight bezel

    Decent used shape going off what’s wrote on it 10$+ shipping
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    SOLD 64 stone guards

    These are a very decent used set of stone guards ran them quickly thru the buffer a little fine tuning these will be stunning i know they fit a 64 dodge/plymouth maybe 63? 65? 125$+ shipping
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    For Sale 63 backup lights?

    No idea exactly what there from 1 is really nice other decent 20$+ shipping
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    For Sale 1966 backup light

    no idea what it’s for its used good for parts or core 15$+ shipping
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    SOLD 1965 taillight

    It’s used good for parts or core to plate or wall hanger 15+shipping
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    SOLD 1964 plymouth Belvedere tail light NOS fury?

    It’s NOS box was eaten by mice i know it’s 64 as for what exactly. I think Belvedere 50$+ shipping
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    For Sale 1963 dodge 880 spinners

    Came off a 63-880 may work on others caps are ok not perfect spinners with little effort will clean up really nice see one pic bottom rt $75+shipping to lower 48. Will ship elsewhere at your expense if you just want the spinners I will remove and ship just them
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    For Sale 1967 New Yorker turn signal nos NEW price

    It’s nos however box was wasted there are a few small pits its left side I think its dirty and needs a good cleaning I did a quick clean on it. 50$+ shipping will ship anywhere else on your dime
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    SOLD Luggage rack

    75$+ shipping
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    For Sale Mystery quarter trim

    I believe it’s mopar what year or application no idea. it’s NOS with one flaw minor if I’m wrong tell me what it could be $40+ shipping