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  1. Stev

    WANTED '66 Compatable Stub Frame

    I got a '66 polara and as you can see my Stub is certified junk, looking for a replacement in the PNW area. Willing to go as far as oregon but that's about it, ideally here in Canada though. Mostly concerned about the metal as I expect to renew all the bushings anyway. I wan to put some serious...
  2. Stev

    New Member, New Polara

    Howdy. My grandfather's going into a home now, which means the mantle of the old family '66 Polara is now passed on to me. I keep my Jaguar in concourse shape, and I built my '48 F3 from the ground up, but i've never touched a mopar before, and I'd like to get the lowdown on these...
  3. Stev

    Welcome Stev to FCBO!

    asdf Location: Sunshine Coast BC