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  1. monaco75

    The new ride!

    Sorry Dave...... @70bigblockdodge I sold out..... LOL I had to get me a fob before Bob bought em all!! Ha! Took ownership tonight. I wanted to hate the loaner one I was in, but I damn sure fell in love with it. The interior is to die for! She is a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn 4x4 with all...
  2. monaco75

    SOLD 1975 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile

    Mine.... Hey guys, Thinking it might be time to pass on the torch to a new caretaker. This has been my baby for the last 15 years. Tons of money has been poured into this old girl, along with countless hours of work. I could write a book over this car, however will try to keep it short and...
  3. monaco75

    BOS 1/18 models

    Have we seen these models before? They are new to me. A bit pricey, but look nice! 1973 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Dark Red by BoS Models LE of 504 1/18 Scale 648865279706 | eBay 1975 Chrysler Imperial Golden Color by BoS Models LE of 1000 1/18 Scale New! | eBay
  4. monaco75

    2019 Carlisle Trip

    I had some other stops during the trip, that I didn’t want to crowd in the other photo thread, so figured I’d do another one. First stop for us was the Strasburg railroad museum. What a destination! Was a beautiful drive, however I’m not sure the truck enjoyed it as much as us lol. It got...
  5. monaco75

    Steve’s new buddy

    After checking out the New Yorker, we went and picked up another family member. Here is Lawson, Steve’s new buddy. He’s a little cutie, but I believe he is going to be a little hellian lol. Steve is pretty intrigued by him. I think they’ll get along quite well though.
  6. monaco75

    Going to look at another beater

    The madness may continue lol. Going to check this out Saturday. A ‘78 Magnum XE 360 car. Sabrina is pretty interested in it. Interior looks pretty clean! Plus it looks like a factory triple Black car. Couple red flags I see so far. 2 big concerning ones are- Aftermarket sunroof installed. Not...
  7. monaco75

    Batavia Downs ‘73 Newport

    over the last several months I’ve had a few inquiries about the Newport. Figured today was a good lazy Sunday to start a thread on her. My first car I bought was a ‘75 Coronet. Man I loved that car! (What a big pile of s#it it was though!!). I bought it from Wisconsin. My first Ebay buy. Bought...
  8. monaco75

    For Sale 1974 Dodge Monaco

    Not mine. Not big on the Halos, but those can be changed out easy enough. Correct rubber flooring. Has a ‘75 and up speedo. Looks like a pretty decent car. Dodge: Monaco | eBay 1974 Dodge Monaco, ready to drive, built to be a Bluesmobile. Originally from Alberta. The car is stored in doors...
  9. monaco75

    K-car steering

    Not a C, so Ill post in general. Looking for y’alls experience. Sabrina’s ‘85 Caravelle is devolving quite the shudder while turning the wheels. Mostly at idle, and turning to the right. Noticed the steering fluid was a little low, so added some, with no difference. Everything looks right to...
  10. monaco75

    For Sale 1975 Dodge Monaco

    NM, Everyone’s always complaing that these all get swooped up, and turned into bluesmobiles. Here’s you chance to save one lol Very solid looking car. Needs some cosmetic work.. 1975 Dodge Monaco | eBay
  11. monaco75

    Buick stuff

    I know its a long shot, but we have a pretty diverse group here. Trying to help a good buddy out... He is searching for a right rear manual window regulator for a ‘68 Buick Wildcat convertable. This is totally out of my world. I even went and joined a Buick forum (Gasp!) lol. Figured I’d...
  12. monaco75

    Hard Hit

    Saw these on facebook earlier today. Not sure if they were shared before or not. Looks like one hell of an impact!! Anyone know the backstory?
  13. monaco75

    Another project

    Why can’t I say no?? Hello, my name is Zac.... Picking up this old girl this week. She’s a 1996 2500 cummins Ram. 4x4 crew cab, long bed. Power everything inside. Has a built 47re trans. Low miles, 128k. One owner FL truck. She needs an interior pretty bad. Dash is beyond toast, and front...
  14. monaco75

    O gauge Trains

    I know there are a couple other model train buffs on here. Thought some of you might enjoy these. I havn’t had room to have the trains out in many years. They have been boxed up in a closet waiting to come out again someday. Moving into the new place has given me a place to play with them, in...
  15. monaco75

    Radio for Stan

    @commando1 Saw this on facebook, and thought of you Stan. I know how much you dislike aftermarket radios lol. 1984-2002 RAS Chrysler Jeep Dodge Car Truck w Bluetooth Music CS & AM FM Radio | eBay
  16. monaco75

    Possible new homestead

    As mentioned in other threads, we are looking for a new place this year. Think we may have found the one. Its a little sooner then we were looking to do, and also a bit more pricier.... but we are in love with it. Waiting to hear back from the bank. This place has a lot of interest in it, so who...
  17. monaco75

    1973 Newport, and Imperial

    Wondering, is there any structural differences between a 1973 Newport, and Imperial? Obviously the front steet metal, and tail end is different. But do they share the same stub frame? Ive wanted a triple black 2 door ‘73 Imperial for a long time. Not exactly readily available. I’ve pondered for...
  18. monaco75

    For Sale Facebook 300

    Not mine Guy on facebook has an ad for a ‘69 300 vert in crap shape as usual. But comes with a 4dr “parts” car. Parts car is what caught my eye. 4 door center console car! Don’t see that much. Thought it cool as hell. I’d chop the s#itty vert up to save the 4 door personally.. but Im not in...
  19. monaco75

    Driveway views

    I’d venture to say, we have the best looking driveway on this side of the state. LOL First time all the cars have been out together. Had to take a couple pics. You guys have any good driveway shots?
  20. monaco75

    Crash test

    Saw this picture on one of the c body facebook pages. Not sure if its been shared before or not.. Ouch!! Wonder what the speed was?