1967 Sport Fury

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  1. sgtdave
  2. 1966300sleeper
    What a beauty!!
  3. don welling
    Just getting ready to take my 67 fury to the paint shop trying to find a few items and having trouble....driver side door hinges bought kits for them but way to ovaled out......also looking for dash pad.....thought maybe you might have some sites i could go to
    1. sgtdave
      sgtdave, Jan 22, 2018
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  4. The Goose
    Nice ride. That interior is really sharp.
  5. don welling
    thanks for the info on the hinges they are on there way
  6. SportFury70
    Awesome looking Sport Fury. I like the black with red interior combo. Looks sharp. I like the Cragars too. What engine you have? My step-dad has a 67 Sport Fury Convertible. His is blue on blue. 383 HI-PO. Best of luck with yours. Tear up the road:steering: