1969 Vip Cb Savage Police Car

  • ammeter and oil guage 2.jpg electric brake label 1.jpg speedo 1.jpg steering wheel 1.jpg 2019-06-26 05.57.01 (002).jpg 2019-06-26 05.57.22 (002).jpg 2019-06-26 05.57.49 (002).jpg 2019-06-26 05.58.13 (002).jpg 2019-07-07 16.33.00 (002).jpg 2019-07-07 16.36.19 (002).jpg 2019-07-11 17.34.58 (002).jpg 2019-07-11 19.49.40 (002).jpg 2019-07-11 19.50.32 (002).jpg IMG_1483.JPG king license plate.jpg I bought this 1969 Plymouth Fury VIP from a guy in Magdalena New Mexico where the vehicle had sat for 15-20 years. Ever since he had taken the 440 high performance (HP) among other stuff, out of it to put in a race car. Unfortunately he has since either sold or traded off the engine and other pats. This car was bought brand new by a New Mexico Mounted Patrol Commander in Grants New Mexico. I have a donor vehicle for most all the parts (a 1970 Chrysler 300). This will take some time to restore, fortunately my wife is all aboard at this time. Thank god she's not only a Marine, but a gear head as well. Here are some pics of the car. Didn't Know what we had until we got it home and found the build sheet.
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  1. Jim Kolenovsky
    My wife and I were sitting and talking about why the ammeters that were always "blowing" when there was a higher amp alternator put on the system. Looking through e-bay I found an ammeter that was 40 amp and wondered if this could have been the problem. If so how could you fix it to handle up to 112 or so amps? Is there someone out there that knows a work around or someone to do an "up grade" to an existing ammeter? Being we're going to put the radio set up back into the car it will require the power from a heavier duty alternator. I think the alternator of the 69 Fury series was only 40 amps to begin with. Any help is appreciated. All ideas welcome.
  2. Commodore
    I absolutely love this car!
  3. Rock Rane
    Cool Project:thumbsup:
  4. Aidan1976
    Keep it original mate
    1. Jim Kolenovsky
      Thank You.
      Jim Kolenovsky, Feb 14, 2020
  5. Commodore
    Yep. I'm thinking of moving to NM. Not sure I'd move there if it was red.

    Just kidding. I'm still moving...
    1. Jim Kolenovsky
      Beats freezing your tail off down here, although from Albq. up does get a bit chilly
      Jim Kolenovsky, Feb 14, 2020
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    2. Jim Kolenovsky
      Come on down.
      Jim Kolenovsky, Feb 14, 2020
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  6. Jim Kolenovsky
    My wife and I are having a discussion about the paint color for CB Savage. She wants to paint it a Candy Apple Red. While I would like to keep it in its plain white wrapper just like the song. What is the opinion out there? Paint me curious.
  7. Commodore
    Hi. Thanks for posting pictures.

    Very neat restoration project.

    Hope it is going well!

    Good luck!

  8. Jim Kolenovsky
    at the first of this is some new pictures of CB Savage. Enjoy
  9. Aidan1976
  10. Turboomni
    My favorite year C body ,good luck with her.
    1. Jim Kolenovsky
      Thanks, I like the late 60's models as they had more character than whats produced today. I'll try to provide a lot of pictures during the restoration. I may need some advice from you guys as well.
      Jim Kolenovsky, Dec 18, 2019
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