1971 Chrysler New Yorker

  • Original 1971 New Yorker. Paint,chrome and black leather interior still looks like new. As a 8 track tape collector I was lucky that the New Yorker had a original working am/8 track radio/player. No rust or dents on the car. A big good handling car. Importet from Georgia to Norway in 2014.

    chrysler 71 35.jpg chrysler 71 3.jpg chrysler 71 2.jpg chrysler 71 6.jpg chrysler 71 7.jpg chrysler 71 36.jpg chrysler 71 34.jpg chrysler 71 19.jpg chrysler 71 21.jpg 1971 chrysler new yorker mine bilder 020.JPG 1971 chrysler new yorker mine bilder 026.JPG 71 chrysler spare tire 002.jpg 71 chrysler spare tire 001.JPG 1971 chrysler new yorker mine bilder 006.JPG 1971 chrysler new yorker mine bilder 007.JPG


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  1. Imperialist67
    AND it has my favorite sedan option, the window visors; which allow you to drive on a rainy day with the windows down (a little) withOUT water coming in. Neat shade of gold/green.
    1. NorMopar
      I have recently removed the window visors because they make a loud whinning nose when I drive over 40 mph.The car looks better without them.
      NorMopar, Oct 2, 2019
  2. Henrius
    Undoubtedly your has to be the prettiest New Yorker on the forum. That is really a striking paint job. What a pretty trunk complete with painted jack base. Funny how those machine-gun exhaust pipes resemble those on a VW Beetle! Gotta give breathing room to that monster 440! Love those 70 and 71s before they started detuning them.

    In which country does this beauty reside?
    1. NorMopar
      Thanks for your kind words.
      The beauty lives now in Western Norway. Imported from Georgia in 2014.
      NorMopar, Oct 2, 2019