Patrick66s Shop

  • Full bath, too! That box in the bath is where I keep all of my various shop manuals; it's a footlocker from the Korean War. 220/110VAC. On the wish list are a four-post lift, a 30-gallon compressor, and a bit more lighting.


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  1. yellowkeeble
    Do the 2 post lift and thank me later. Much greater versatility.
  2. De Soto Joe
    Nice shed/shop/on suite, if I'm lucky I can find a driveway for a few hours.
  3. shooter65
    Very cool. I'm very jealous even without the lift.
  4. 75LandYacht
    AKA.. The doghouse when you Piss off the wife? Very cool.
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  5. 413Reasons
    A few weeks ago I saw a Jay Leno-Video - he had a guest from Titan LED and they talked about the lighting in Jay's garage. Maybe they also have something for you? LEDs are expensive, but they save you a lot of money in the long run.
  6. Harper
  7. Harper
    i like the $29 4 foot LEDS from wal mart. they are inexpensive and can put out a lot of light for the least amount of energy used :)
  8. live4theking
    Man it would be nice to have that much space under roof.