Say hello to my new new winter beater...


Old Man with a Hat
Feb 22, 2015
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Detroit 'burbs
Damnit now I don't have room for that convertible in Phoenix!

Sorry, Carmine, but there is no way ANY car can be a He. Just too gay for me.

Well to be honest, I don't do the he/she thing anyway, but for some reason I did when I wrote that. Then again, there is nothing remotely feminie about C's.

E bodies, yes.
Please tell me you are joking and won't be driving that in the salt.

Took it to Arby's right after that, and they salted the sh*t out of everything last night prepping for snowmageddon.

Either I bought it or it became somebody's donk. There's gobs of factory undercoating and it was ziebarted at some point. I cleaned and painted any flash-rusted underbody stuff, sprayed oil after that.

My LH300 is going to need a battery and this Monaco has a new one. Way more fun than battery shopppin! When your daily-drivers are all north of 150k and 15 years, it's good to have a back up car.
I like old Mopar winter beaters, too

But I don't use clean nearly rustfree cars.

I only drive them in the salt if they are rustbuckets (by Michigan Ohio standarts)