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  1. damjbb
  2. Coach Al
    Coach Al
    1968 Chyrsler New Yorker Coupe. Runs strong and ready to be a rebuild. 6000 obo
  3. Dustin Spencer
    Dustin Spencer
    Got a 1967 Fury III sedan looking for instrument bezel cover. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks
  4. Jet440
  5. Richie R
    Richie R dart4forte
    Ok I am shooting you a PM
  6. 69NooYawker
    69NooYawker CanCritter
    Hi CanCritter - looking to do the hideaway light conversion - someone mentioned you had stuff documented. Just wondered if there was anything you could share....
  7. Navy1996
    Navy1996 RCB
    You are selling this as a Derby car what is wrong with this car? Ed
    1. RCB
      No. It was being sold as a Derby car when I bought it as it didn't have a title. So I bought it, brought it home and got a title. I'm dropping a new poly in her (old one is locked up due to head gasket coolant leak), fixing the quarter rot and putting it up for sale... but if no one wants it, I'll drive it. :)
      Jun 15, 2017
  8. Bauhausfan
    re-cast steering wheel back, interior in progress, wheels ordered, traction bars out for chrome & hoping to drive her within 2 months
  9. njdukesfan
    Good morning all! Looking for a '70 Polara 383 fan shroud & a front lower valance. If you have a lead, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. Mr Mopar
    Mr Mopar
  11. Dustin Spencer
    Dustin Spencer
    Just bought a 67 fury III, looking for front seats and center console
  12. bnz84
    69 fury - triple black vert with 440+6
  13. Pauly's67Polara
    Back on the forum! If I don't respond right away, please be patient...I have no life!
  14. fk4406
    fk4406 polara71
    My 66 fury won't shut off with the key. I changed ignition and voltage regulator. I turn the key off and all accessories stop but the motor stays running until I pull the wire off the ballast resistor. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. emmd61
    emmd61 fury1
    Yes.....I think those are the dog dishes I read about. Are you interested in selling the set? I have a loaded 65 NYer wagon that I want to low key the wheels. Thanks--Arthur
  16. michael baughman
    michael baughman rexus31
    Hey..You still looking for a Top well drain ??????????????????????????? have 2
    1. rexus31
      I was never in the market, but thanks for asking.
      May 16, 2017
  17. TWR
    TWR 66PolaraRag
    Welcome. I have a 66 Polara 500 convertible also. I look forward to seeing more pictures of yours.
  18. f1967franche
    f1967franche Turboomni
    Hey there Turboomni- what is the car on your avitar? I like the gold color, black top & wheels. I'd like to see more if you are cool with that?
    I'm down in Reisterstown, MD, have a 67 Dart about to hit the road but have a 72 Fury Wagon on the way so I've been poking around on this website aside the For A Bodies one.

    Talk soon, Frank
  19. Logan
    So I'm looking for a 22in radiator for my 65 Sport Fury.
  20. Logan
    I have a 65 Sport Fury 4 speed 4 barrel 383 engine . I need to find and buy a radiator can anyone point me in a good direction or help me