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  1. Domenico Bevilacqua
  2. Prof
    Prof emmd61
    Hi, I saw your reply to my post. I'd be interested in seeing your New Yorker wagon. My number is 865-221-5504. Thanks
    Sorry, I haven't logged onto the C body forum since we last communicated two months ago. I will just send you the carb for free. I still have the package that you sent the license plate in. If that address is correct, I will ship it.
    Is this correct?
    Mike Studey
    318 Evergreen Lane
    Chilton, Wi.
    1. GOLDMYN
      yes, thank-you
      Oct 13, 2018 at 8:31 AM
  4. owen martin
    owen martin
    Yes I’m a 67 Dodge Monaco 500 owner for over 35 years and am trying to restore it so if anyone has parts please contact me
  5. Rapidtrans777
    Yes, we're good. Michael went 90 miles east of us. Thanks for asking.
  6. Shamu70
    Shamu70 Rapidtrans777
    I see you’re from The Panhandle; everything ok?
  7. Dana Goetz
  8. monacoman440
    monacoman440 wizard
    Hello I was wondering if you are the owner of the black 1973 imperial and I wanted to now what state is the car in and more pics.
  9. MonacoBlue
    MonacoBlue BLIMP
    Hey Blimp I see Manny was at your place helping with the tailgate/door functionality. Way cool trick that door does, huh?

    You guys gonna go to a yard and get me that left rear quarter trim strip? It is the last key piece I need. Besides a paint job, carpet, new seat coverings, wood grain wrap, headliner, A/C compressor...etc. Ha ha.
    1. BLIMP
      Hi Scott, yes Manny drove down to my place yesterday and helped diagnose the issue with the door. It was a 2 hour drive for him but I helped him out with some stuff for his parts car. And we did talk about getting back to the yards for a couple final trips before winter sets in. Your wagon is real head turner, it was built with some nice options! Paul
      Oct 8, 2018
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    2. MonacoBlue
      It’s a’s a wait, it’s a gate...

      There’s a Mopar dealer promo film floating around on YouTube that compares GM, Ford, and Mopar wagons. If you’ve never seen it you should track it down. Shows the advantages of Mopar 9 pass option access/egress...
      Oct 8, 2018
  10. Shamu70
    Shamu70 70NPORT
    Hi, reaching out to you because you also have a 70 Newport.
    Do you know the best way to reach the top bolt on the starter?
  11. PeugFra
    PeugFra fury74
    Hallo fury74,

    jouw avocadogroene Fury had ik al eens in het internet ontdekt (omgeving Schijndel, klopt dat?) en nu zie ik dezelfde auto in een oude thread op het CBody-forum.

    Ik vraag me al een hele tijd af of er in Nederland meer liefhebbers zijn van dit model. Ken jij de scene in Nederland een beetje?

    Met vriendelijke groet,

  12. 67sportfuryIII
    Any body on here purchase a crate engine from Carolina machine engines?
  13. Davews
    Davews J.brawka
    Hello and welcome .... is there any chance your Fury is a 4 speed? Or Auto....?
  14. melly
    For Sale, needs new Hone
  15. Robert Saigh
    Robert Saigh DusterKid
    I'd be interested in these pull handles especially the trim pieces on both sides. My email is: Thanks.... Bob
  16. Wildbunch02
    Wildbunch02 Paul Sprosen
    Hello, I do not have any parts for sale. Try searching the forum, and post a want ad with your needs. Im sure someone will have what you need.
  17. 66l78rat
    66l78rat Clover
    Still have the 73 spindles for sale?
  18. GG-1
    GG-1 Davea Lux
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for responding about the clamp. When you say "strap", do you mean clamp?

    I'm definitely interested to see what you've got exactly.. just need to match up with the one I have already. If you've got a pic of the clamp and screw/bolt heads that would help too!

    Sorry to post here.. private messaging won't allow me to send anything right now. You can certainly text my cell is 212-365-0652

    Thanks, Alex
  19. hillbillymark
    1969 300 ragtop
  20. hillbillymark
    There's nothing finer than a sixty nine.