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  1. ownedsportfury70
  2. nicholas adams
    nicholas adams
    looking for an original pair of 1966 washington state license plates.
  3. Beautiful Brute 1962
    Beautiful Brute 1962 detmatt
    Hi I found you! Thanks again for the article...
  4. david hill
    david hill Devinism
    Are you still rebuilding mopar power window switches. What I have is a 1974 Chrysler New Yorker power window master sw that needs your attention.Have heard about your recent misfortune and wish you the best while you rebuild. Please reply about your current status. Dave
    1. Devinism
      Hello David.
      Sorry for the delay. It would seem that some messages here never make it to my e-mail.
      Yes, I'm back in the rebuilding business. Was I conversing with you through eBay?

      Devin Duke
      Grants Pass, OR
      530 520-7427
      Jan 13, 2019 at 3:06 PM
  5. J-sons-64-300
    anyone out there know where to get a new replacement oil pan for a 1964 Chrysler 300 383? There are no numbers on the existing pan
  6. Greg Ficklin
    Ready for a New Year.
  8. jack smith
    jack smith CollinR
    Collin, please contact me about your imperial. I am the guy who will probably pay you too much for your car. Jack Smith in Alaska. 9073509493
  9. Frank H
    Frank H Zymurgy
    Do you any lenses for 1961 Chrysler Newport wagon
    1. Zymurgy
      I am just starting doing this and can only make a reproduction with an original lens to make a mold. There is a man from Australia, George Laury, that made many of these early lenses. I have heard he is now in poor heath and not a reliable source any more.
      Dec 26, 2018
  10. Birrebil
    Chrysler New yorker Wagon 1964
  11. GearC7
    GearC7 67nykr
    Love that color its perfect for that car...sweet ride:)
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  12. ImpJay
    An YM23 with codes: HT8, V1Y, V5T and MRY4, please
  13. Grandphawalter
    chrysler -65 newport base dodge ram -97 3500 12v manual
  14. rexus31
    rexus31 F_BO Calendar
    Any updates on the 2019 Calendar?
  15. Snowman0922
    383 .30 over purple cam six pack elder Brock heads 355 sure grip rear end I’m working on putting a counse in it now
  16. Snowman0922
    I’ve done a lot of work to it it’s a 1970 Plymouth grand Fury i’m building it the way I want it I guess you call it modified
  17. Snowman0922
    Almost ready for the road I took my first drive with it down the road and the brakes were too touchy about put me through the windshield
  18. blackmamba
    blackmamba C Body Bob
    Hello fellow C-Body brother my 1968 Dodge Polara Coupe is finished after 15 years and headed to body and paint. I have a 1968 Monaco also that was restored to a daily driver. I always hated the gas filler neck behind the licence plate I'm thinking of swapping to the 1970 Dodge Charger flip style gas cap with new tank and hardware!Any suggestions on this conversion without making this a Johnny Salami Hack Job
    1. C Body Bob
      C Body Bob
      Year One sell a kit to convert 66-67 B body cars to a flip top. That the only one I know of
      Dec 14, 2018
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    2. blackmamba
      I have the 1966-74 Dodge/Plymouth A/C Body catalogue but see only the Barracuda style. This Cataloge is severly lacking in C-Body Parts
      Dec 14, 2018
  19. Edmund bowser
  20. PeugFra
    PeugFra roblig

    mi fa piacere trovare un'altra persona dall'Italia su questo forum. Possiedo una 1974 Fury III che mi piacerebbe confrontare con la tua 1974 Dodge Monaco Brougham. Mio indirizzo mail è e abito nella provincia di Padova.