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    1971 Fury GT, Gold, Promo Car

    Grill and bumper remove Grill motor wiring, later disconnected Bumper bracket bolts through side of subframe removed. 2 of them were a real struggle. Forward facing bumper brackets, right side was not attached to main bumper bracket Grill and bumper, removed Subframe damage looks worse from...
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    1971 Fury GT, Gold, Promo Car

    I've been asked: what's going on with this car. I really don't want to put an engine in the car without the front subframe being right. I've found a professional welder who says he can do the repair to the area under the radiator support if the front subframe is off the car. Here's the beginning...
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    Welcome, Mr Viper

    Welcome from Virginia! @ayilar may be able to recommend some Swedish members.
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    Welcome, Madmopars

    Welcome from Virginia!
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    I painted my first car today!

    Awesome work, Theo! I wish you were in Virginia. I'd be paying you for paintwork on my 2 Fury's
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    No spark while cranking?

    Note, when going to the 4-pin ECU, cut the dark green/red wire off the 5-pin connector. 4-pin ECU does not use auxiliary power. Also, you need a single ballast resistor. Second side of dual ballast resistor not needed with 4-pin. Single ballast resistor Blue is ignition run, brown is start...
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    No spark while cranking?

    I had the exact same problem with my 1973 Monaco. Tilt column/Delco ignition, everything. This ECM cured the problem. for MOPAR HR7500 Electronic Ignition Module Dodge Plymouth Chrysler MAX RELIABLE | eBay
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    1961 Plymouth 2 dr ARMY wagon

    So will you repaint it olive drab and do the door lettering? 3-speed manual wagon. Cool!
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    1970 headlight switch replacement

    Wow. I guess you don't drive at night?
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    I painted my first car today!

    Maybe you're thinking. "I'll create something awesome with my own hands, something that no one else has. Then I'll shock people with the beauty of Chrysler styling. And why not? 4-doors are cool now anyway."
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    1962 Chrysler newport four door sedan

    You're welcome. Glad 413 and SGT FURY stepped in to help.
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    Thoughts on a 64, 413???

    If the Imperial is rusted out and the drivetrain is the only thing it's good for $800-$1000. If the body is rust free, they may want $4000, $5000, who knows. More than you probably want to pay.
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    WANTED 69 polara/monaco

    Make Wyatt an offer. The worst he can say is, "No."
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    Welcome, Kerry B

    Welcome from Virginia! Lots of Wisconsin members. Try a post titled "Anybody from Wisconsin"
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    1962 Chrysler newport four door sedan

    Chrysler went to unibody in 1960. The rear subframe should be permanently attached/welded to the body. The front subframe may unbolt. We need help from a forward look man: @413 @57fury440