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  • Hello 69 monaco. I was wondering you have a very nice car and i seen the superlight on the car in the background. Do you know how many 69 monaco 500 were made? Cant find any numbers. I know there rarer than the convertibles ive only seen one other besides mine. Thanks.
    I would ask some one with a b body who drives this combo , maybe you can tri them under your car...
    Hi Tino , wow ….i just put bigger rims under 69 models and i know they are not the same like later models……..
    i would have a little question regarding my blue 70 monaco sedan ... could i mount 15x8 bs 4.5 rear?
    The tires should be 275 / 60R15.
    In front 7x15 .
    I would like to fill the rear wheel arches right behind ;)

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