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    My '65 Custom 880

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    '68 finally done... at least mostly.

    Outstanding .
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    1961 Chrysler Newport battery positive cable

    The previous owner of my 1961 Newport had relocated the battery to the boot/trunk. I am putting it back in the engine bay but have noticed they have the battery positive cable straight to the BAT terminal on the starter relay . The FSM shows the battery positive cable going straight to the...
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    My 1966 Chrysler Town and Country

    Fn awesome
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    Tripple "Blackie" Imperial has made it home.

    Fn beautiful
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    1961 Chrysler Newport steering coupler .

    I am chasing a steering coupler for my 1961 Newport (power steering) I have found this one at Rock Auto More Information for LARES 217 I don't know if i am looking at it right but it doesn't look like the one in my FSM . Does anyone know if the Rock Auto part is correct or know where to get...
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    WANTED 1961 Chrysler Newport Brake Booster Vacuum Tank

    Chasing a 1961 Chrysler Newport Brake Booster Vacuum Tank . I am not sure which other models will fit and if the mounting brackets are the same , Cheers, Greg
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    WANTED 1960/1961 Chrysler Newyorker Rocker Moldings/Trims

    Chasing a set of 1960/1961 Chrysler Newyorker Rocker Moldings/Trims . I have the rear wheel arch pieces . I am in Australia so postage may be a killer . Cheers, Greg
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    Voltage regulator

    Correct , make sure you scratch a bit of paint of the panel where the mounting brackets bolt to .
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    Introducing myself, and Questions...

    So would a 1962 crank fit in a 1961 361 enabling the use of the 1962 transmission ? Welcome FE , nice moustache .
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo

    Noice .
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    Starter relay question.

    This has answered my question , was unsure how the relay worked , thanks for that .
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    Starter relay question.

    I do have the FSM so that is how i knew where the wires should be , thanks anywway .
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    Starter relay question.

    Car is a 1961 Chrysler Newport . Since i have got the Silver Whale on the road about 5 months ago i have been replacing electrical components. Car was imported about 8 years ago by previous owner so it has sat for quite a while without being driven . I have replaced Ignition switch , ballast...